This is my too-cool-for-school friend, Lisa! AKA LisaLisa (to me) after the AWESOME 80s band 'Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam'. And that is what LisaLisa is..AWESOME! So AWESOME that I deemed her worthy of vectoring! Her last name is Eppich. So by nature she is also EPPICh.

I would LOVE to bake this one day!

Strawberry and Poppy Seed Pie! Ah!! It's just.so.beautiful! The triangle pie crust gives this pie such a 'modern' touch! I've never seen pie crust done like this. Unless I'm wrong?! Have I been living under a rock!?


All Hail Lupita Nyong'o

I can't. The way this woman carries herself, her grace, her compassion, it's all too genuine for me to handle! What a different world this would be if there were more people with her beautiful understanding of life!

Math is Beautiful?

via PARACHUTES on vimeo
I certainly have an aversion to math. Since I could remember I was told I was a 'creative person' and not a 'math person'. In 3rd grade I forged my mother's signature on a failed math exam and was sent to the principal's office! I could go on about how telling young people they are this or that makes them more inclined to believe they are or are not something. But I won't. Point is: I HATE MATH, but I respect it. This wonderfully juxtaposed video by Yann Pineill and Nicolas Lefaucheux show the beautiful connection between our daily lives and arithmetic.

Infatuated with 'Element Clay Studio'

Via ElementClayStudio on Etsy
Beautifully hand-crafted porcelain ceramics by artist Heather Knight. My dream kitchen includes all of her work. I want. them. ALL!

March is never too late to purchase a calendar!

Via iVoila on Etsy
March is never too late to get a new calendar! I mean, you still have 10 more months to use it. And with 30% off, I'd say this is the best calender deal of your life. Especially if you're obsessed with all things Sailor Moon! Like me.