Courtney Love

^1995. Herb Ritts.
So I've been listening to Hole a lot again and my Courtney love is growing once more. I try not to think about the copious evidence that point to her as the cause Kurt Cobain's death. I rather just listen to the music rather than read about Courtney and Kurt fans pointing fingers at one another.

^1991. Phil Nicholls. ^1994. Charles Peterson.

Speaking of Coke...

CRACK is WACK! The photo I took of this was all blurry bc I was in a car on the FDR.
Keith Haring=<3 Good man, good man indeed.

Naps are for Cats..Not Me.

^That is a Cat napping.
That is me in 8th grade wearing a boss Von Dutch hat, throwing up mad deuces, and looking like a tool bag.^

The difference you may ask? I don't nap! Atleast..I don't nap for hours on end anymore. 10 minute power naps are more healthy and efficient for your heart, mind, and soul. Sorry for burning your eyes with my 8th grade self...but it made me laugh, and I figured it could make someone else laugh too! ^-^


18 months worth!! Just don't do it. It's evil. And will burn holes through your skull, literally.
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A Delicious Epiphany

So...I've realized all I really know how to 'cook' are eggs, pancakes, and homefries. This must change. Especially because I'm starting this new thing..called "being healthy." Therefore, I've decided that I'm going to be a great, great chef by the end of this summer. Yea, I'm starting off with grilled PB&J and slowly perfecting my sammich skills, but then I'll be making filet mignon in no time. ^-^

I guess food will be my muse until I get my skateboard back!!! >.<



By Daryl van Wouw.
Photo: Radek Leski
Two of my favorites! Definitely not practical, but I'd totally rock these.

Doodle in Warmth!

By Gemma Shiel for Lazy Oaf.

Suck it

By Christophe Gilbert.
Exhausted mother of three. A functioning 3rd nipple would've probably helped.


Can you love to hate?
Can you hate to love?


Dear Rei Kawakubo,

You're a genius. You are also one of my favorite Japanese designers. Your Spring 08 collection for Comme des Garcons was so eccentric it took me a year to wrap my mind around it. I also think you're out of your mind--but that's why I love you so much. What do you think of being an egg donor? I'd like my child to be half as brilliant as you.

Grace Manalo


Eff the haters. I love Courtney Love.
"Miss World" is possibly my fav song by Hole. It was also my anthem senior year in High School, haha. I give a thumbs up to her looking like a psycho over powdering herself--it's great.
too bad its embedding is disabled ):


Birthday Boy!

So I finally get to give Alex his birthday card today ^-^!! His birthday was on the 20th!

Snip Snip!

By Kako Uedo.
Its just paper cut up, but it's amaaaazing ^-^



By Jia Jam. Made out of real bacon and salami. Fact or Fiction? Meats me! hahaaha get it?!!?

What if boobs looked like this?

Ron English.
Would there be twice as many babies? Hahaha.

Beauty in Contrast

Anna Sui's (one of my favorite designers ^-^) Fall/Winter 2009 womenswear collection is absolutely beautiful! Matching contrasting patterns and fabrics with muted colors gives this collection edge. I'm in love with the big shoulders, eccentric necklaces and feathered caps! I'm a big fan of how the "bohemian" style is reflected in the beginning, and changes towards a more darker, goth look. This makes me smile ^-^ !



Lately, the skies have been grey, really fucking grey. How does one attain happiness? Is there a limit on happiness? Do other creatures besides humans feel happiness? I don't fucking know..and don't really care. All I know is that Sushi makes me happy. One roll in particular..from my FAVORITE Japanese restaurant--OSAKA on main street in Huntington Village, NY<3 Mmmm, *me smiles*. Its called the "OSAKA Dream Roll," and aint it the truth? I melt whenever I think about it. Salmon/Tuna tempora with avocado wrapped in seaweed and rice, then wrapped AGAIN with Salmon and Tuna topped with egg and more avocado..MMMMMMMM. This is happiness.



The parentals took me to Macy's with them...Above is a picture of the chair I saw. It made me want to throw up. Probably because it looks like a saggy, fleshy, alien brain (only it's red, not green). I know, I just stereotyped aliens. Well anyway, this chair was an omen. Today sucked. But the chair was comfortable.

Ps. I hope I didn't offend anyone who owns this chair, or anyone who wants it. It's around $1,000 retail..totally worth it...if you're blind.


USN- United Students of Northport

There's too much to say about this amazing student government at the High School of the Port of the North..I spent 4 long, hardy years in this club--and it was a good time indeed. I was just thinking about one time, Junior Year, in Mr. Derosa's "Constitutional Law" class when I got into a verbal fight with this one girl (who will rename nameless to protect her from scrutiny, since everyone at NHS is IN LOVE with USN, and will feel personally offended by this information). We'll refer to her as USN-Non-believer...actually, how about just X...

X: (Not knowing what USN is because of her ignorance for students of Northport politics) Waats USN? Wut the fuuck is that?? What do they even do?? Who the hell is even in that? HAHAHAHA
Grace Manalo: USN stands for the "United Students of Northport"---YOUR student government (no pun intended, if you didn't get that, you probably never will)
X: OH, oh, I'M SORRY Grace. I didn't know! (Sarcastically)

Was that "anti-climactic?" EEeh, sowwie, I guess it's one of those "you had to be theres"


Asians and Karaoke

Personally, I believe that the Philippines has been conquered by other countries so many times that it is going through a major identity crisis--so I'll leave it up to you to decide whether I'm Asian, "Pacific Islander," or whatever those standardized tests decide to put next to a blank box. ANYWAY, Filipinos love karaoke just as much as the next Azn person does. Last night Mumzy had a birthday party (yes, she got her birthday present from me early haha) and me and the possie karaoked all night, I'm surprised I still have a voice. I hope we didn't scare Rob too much haha. What is with Asians and karaoke? I have no idea.

Last Nights Playlist (No particular order)
-Viva Forever- Spice Girls
-Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
-Somebody to Love- Queen
-Summer Nights- From Grease
-We Didn't Start the Fire- Billy Joel
-Circle of Life- Elton John
-My Sharona- The Knack
-New York, New York- Frank Sinatra
-Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond
What Would've Been On Last Nights Playlist
-IKAW ANG SUPERSTAR* --unfortunately NOT in karaoke book >< KEY
**- best karaoke song ever
*- second best karaoke song ever



"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!" *sung to the tune of the last verse of "Happy Birthday"* I screamed as my Mom came in from a 12 hour work day at 8am this morning. "What is that?" Mummy says. "Heh-Heh...What is what? Heh-Heh" I say nervously as I slowly back away knowing that I'm about to get BUSTED (eff). "Open your mouth." She demanded. "What? Why? Haha!" I say. "What is that in your mouth? Open your mouth." *Sticks out tongue half way* "No, the whole thing." "Haha, whatever it is, it has been in there since September! Heh-heh." Hahaha, oh man, what a great way to start off your 57th birthday, no? Feeling like your daughter is the anti-christ because she herself has chosen to get her tongue pierced? Meh. Father says I need to take it out--that's all he could say. I made banana pancakes and eggs for breakfast, and after buttering the cakes Mother asks, "What do you want to prove to yourself?" "Nothing." I quickly reply. Because this is true, there is nothing I want to prove, it was a personal choice. Haha. Happy Birthday Mommy!

Raining on My Parade..GRR!!

So, supposedly who/whatever makes the weather has decided to turn the New York skies into MUSH for the passed week. Normally, this 50 degree crappy rain on what should be a scorching sunfest day would get people down in the dumps..but I am going to have a GREAT DAY! ^-^ You see, my boo..Robface is coming up from Delaware and I'm going to a shoe tradeshow! ^-^ !! Therefore, like my favourite bunny (after Mr. Bunny, of course!) "Fifi Lapin" I will carry balloons and sunshine wherever i go today, even though the sky is one big rainy barfhole!! YAY FOR THE WEEKEND!! ^-^ hehe


Big Hair, Big Shoulders, Loud Makeup--It's Truly, Truly, Truly..OUTRAGEOUS!

If you haven't seen Jem, I suggest you youtube an episode...pronto! The 80s fashion is great, and not to mention "Rio" is quite attractive with his flowing purple hair! grrrrrrrr. Oh yes, and "The Misfits" definitely give off the bad girl vibe wearing ripped leggings, as they steal Jem and the Holograms' music equipment...those demonic wenches!!!!! ><

Starting Off on the Right Atrium!

Dear Friends and Quite Possibly...Foes (...yikes, rawr!),
Tis I, Grace Manalo. Yes I already had a blog "faitalanuance," and No I wasn't a fan. I figured fashion is a BIG part of my life, but there is more to me than that. So it is here that I will post what ever is going on in my little brain. No, I'm not calling myself stupid--I'm just a 'small person' so, I have a small brain. As you see, I've posted a cross section of a heart, and if you think it was printed on computer paper, you're wrongo! It's a cake! hahaha And I made it! I figure since this is my first post, you all should know something about me--I'm obsessed with anatomy..and most of the time physiology. Also, I'd marry medical terminology if I could, but I have a funny feeling that would be illegal.^-^ I hope you liked what you read, if not...you won't have to ever again!! ^-^ haha! Till next time!!