"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!" *sung to the tune of the last verse of "Happy Birthday"* I screamed as my Mom came in from a 12 hour work day at 8am this morning. "What is that?" Mummy says. "Heh-Heh...What is what? Heh-Heh" I say nervously as I slowly back away knowing that I'm about to get BUSTED (eff). "Open your mouth." She demanded. "What? Why? Haha!" I say. "What is that in your mouth? Open your mouth." *Sticks out tongue half way* "No, the whole thing." "Haha, whatever it is, it has been in there since September! Heh-heh." Hahaha, oh man, what a great way to start off your 57th birthday, no? Feeling like your daughter is the anti-christ because she herself has chosen to get her tongue pierced? Meh. Father says I need to take it out--that's all he could say. I made banana pancakes and eggs for breakfast, and after buttering the cakes Mother asks, "What do you want to prove to yourself?" "Nothing." I quickly reply. Because this is true, there is nothing I want to prove, it was a personal choice. Haha. Happy Birthday Mommy!


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