Raining on My Parade..GRR!!

So, supposedly who/whatever makes the weather has decided to turn the New York skies into MUSH for the passed week. Normally, this 50 degree crappy rain on what should be a scorching sunfest day would get people down in the dumps..but I am going to have a GREAT DAY! ^-^ You see, my boo..Robface is coming up from Delaware and I'm going to a shoe tradeshow! ^-^ !! Therefore, like my favourite bunny (after Mr. Bunny, of course!) "Fifi Lapin" I will carry balloons and sunshine wherever i go today, even though the sky is one big rainy barfhole!! YAY FOR THE WEEKEND!! ^-^ hehe


  1. haha fifi lapin is funny! i think i mostly like the name...and the face she is making haha. =] i love you baby and i cant wait to see you in less than 12 hours!!! =]