Starting Off on the Right Atrium!

Dear Friends and Quite Possibly...Foes (...yikes, rawr!),
Tis I, Grace Manalo. Yes I already had a blog "faitalanuance," and No I wasn't a fan. I figured fashion is a BIG part of my life, but there is more to me than that. So it is here that I will post what ever is going on in my little brain. No, I'm not calling myself stupid--I'm just a 'small person' so, I have a small brain. As you see, I've posted a cross section of a heart, and if you think it was printed on computer paper, you're wrongo! It's a cake! hahaha And I made it! I figure since this is my first post, you all should know something about me--I'm obsessed with anatomy..and most of the time physiology. Also, I'd marry medical terminology if I could, but I have a funny feeling that would be illegal.^-^ I hope you liked what you read, if not...you won't have to ever again!! ^-^ haha! Till next time!!


  1. Dear Grace,

    I love you, and I look forward to many more posts on your lovely new blog.

    Fo' sho',
    Dan Cole