American Beauty Wannabe

So as I reached the surface from the LIRR, my eyes were half closed. Today was a weirdish kind of day, I felt like I hadn't woken up at all. It felt like a dream. I was just going about my dream walking around, then I decided to look up to the sky (who does that now a days?) That's where I saw this plastic bag being blown up, up, and away! I automatically thought, "WOW, THIS IS SO CHEESY, AND WOULD MAKE A FUNNY AMERICAN BEAUTY PARODY! HAR-HAR-HAR!!" But then I really thought; that kid may have seemed like a complete creeper/undacova druggie, who was very knowledgeable about the finest weed...but he had a point. I just stood there watching how interesting it was to see a plastic bag go THAT high in the sky. That's really it. But the thing that I felt most important that this bag of plastic showed me, is how much people go about their day NOT looking up to the sky--and just focusing on their daily drudgeries.


  1. very well said.. haha i love you and your rambling Filipino mind lol