How it is.

I used to always take everything as a sign--a good sign. I always felt like signs were placed everywhere, just for me--kind of like that crazy Pans Labrynth stuff. I wish I could still feel that way. I find myself constantly wishing to feel the same way I used to about certain things. It's frustrating to the maximum. I think I think too much. Is it possible to think so much, that you end up no where, that you end up with no valuable conclusion to your thought process, and after all that you just feel so drained that you feel you have gotten no where?

What does this all have to do with the Violent Femmes? Well, they are human and so am I. I am no exception to human life, and I know that my thoughts have been thought about by many different minds. What is the difference between me and the Violent Femmes? Besides the fact that I don't sing songs of ejaculation? They say it like it is.

In this world of complexity, I'm finding it harder and harder to express myself as I grow older. Horrible. I truly believe, that if EVERYONE could just say how they really feel, the world would be a much better place. Actually, I know it would.

In conclusion, we need more Violent Femmes.


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