"Besides, maybe this time is different...
I mean, I really think you like me."

Cuddle Fuddle

Last Friday, there was a failed attempt to go to Manhattan to see Passion Pit and Phoenix perform. Shucks. But..I just love this song so much. It makes me so happy. And who doesn't love to cuddle?!

The Adventures of Nami and Bagels' Fish Tank

Once upon a time, in Nami and Bagels' Fish Tank, the common fish were enjoying their time frolicking around the castle grounds.
THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN!...Two security sharks came out of the seaweed and started to chase the common fish down! You could see the hunger emanating from their dark, beady eyes!"OH NO!" The common fish screamed!! Gulp. And the security sharks went on their marry way.

Photos by Me!
Special thanks to Nami and Bagel for letting me photograph your fishies! <3

What is Art?

I found this stenciled/wheatpaste piece in the Meat Packing District in Manhattan. It was close in proximity to Pastis--one AMAZING French restaurant. My Boss and co-workers of TAF took me their for my goodbye lunch, quite delicious, indeedy.
Getting back to it, there is an immense amount of controversy of whether or not works that include stencils are considered Art. In my point of view, it is.
I believe that Art is a language; a medium in which you can express what you're feeling. I believe there are more skillful ways of making art. Maybe that is what this person meant--stencils are more easy than just free handing.
Pish Posh, I really don't know...but this was something I thought was worthy of pondering about.



...the Karen "kewl" card in the making.
Photo by Me ^-^
As I write this, Pete and Pete is playing behind me, my tummy is stuffed with about 12 Woppers, Mr. Chia is on his way to growing more hairs (thanks to being under my makeshift heat lamp for the passed 5 hours), and it is 4:08 am. Why am I up this early? Because I just had a lovely night visiting Karen and Justin in their studio. I also got to give Karen her "kewl card."



It is quite obvious that Megan Fox has been taking the media and millions..perhaps even billions..of mens and little boys everywhere hormone levels by storm. She is definitely apart of main stream culture..there is nothing wrong with this. BUT Nylon, OH Nylon. I feel like NylonMag focuses on being original, and subculture-esque...this was just a no-no..and many Nylon readers aren't too happy about this.
Examples from some Nylon Readers:



Sick of her already. Gorgeous girl who never really have anything interesting to say.



i love nylon because it's original. this is not original.



I love Nylon also because it is original and its not like the rest of the world who loves Megan Fox. But wait, you just added this not so talented actress who thinks she can get away with anything she says because she is pretty. When will a Marylin Monroe ever come back?



Agh..completely agree with Mel and Lizzie. You were on the right track with Karen O., but now your new cover girl is last month's Cosmo girl.


Bad Ass.

Eleanor Jane


#1 Mushroom fan right here. These handmade mushroom sent my heart into a mushie ooze--MMMM!!!!! Find them and more cute handmade items at Patch NYC!

Tea and Trade

Both the fair trade yellow town towel and the owl towl (haha) are both designed by Lisa Jones of organic cotton and made in India. Aren't they kewt? ^-^ She has a lot of other kewl stuff, check it oooouut!

A Few of My Favorite Things

If you knew me at all, you'd know that I have a deep love for bunnies. My bunnie, Mr.Bunny, is currently in NY...and I have been missing him for quite some time now. What settles my heart when I'm away is none other than, internet fashionista sensation--FIFI LAPIN! Not only is she a bunny, not only is she super cute, but I do think she and Mr. Bunny would get along just well. I wouldn't just allow any other bunny to take Meester's hand in marriage. Pictured above is Fifi in some of her birthday suit ideas. The cupcake is my personal favorite.
PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out Fifi's blog ! You won't regret it, promise!^-^



Rödel LA's "Astro" Collection.

Cute and Captured

Mandy Lynne is the mastermind behind such fun yet elegant photography. All of her photos never cease to make me smile. You can find more of her work on her Etsy at Skippydesigns.etsy.com!

The Color Purple

These deep purple hued photographs beautifully compliment this autumn Sunday.
Designer: Barbara Barbantini Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection--"La Chambre des Papillons"
Photographed by Eleanor Hardwick

A Worthy Comeback

So, I feel like it is about time that headpieces are coming back to the mainstream. My heart just flutters with the idea that Pillbox hats will once again be socially acceptable. I truly feel that beautiful head pieces celebrate femininity and emphasize the beauty within our sex. With these cute creations from awesome designers, womens head wear is surely on the rise. Check them out!! And be awed by the velvets, tulle, bows, flowers, and odd yet beautiful color pallets!

The above pieces are from Vinny and Vernelle's "Everyday Fancies" collection. The pieces are hand made from material from the early to mid 1900s--so you know they're one of a kind! I strongly feel that using vintage fabrics brings out the nostalgic effects of old styled-modern pieces. Check out their etsy at http://www.vinnyandvernelle.etsy.com !!

Photographed by Lucia Holm for N.E.E.T. Magazine
The line portrayed above is called "Lulufinder," by Alexandra Grecco
Check out more of Alexandra's line at www.lulufinder.etsy.com
Above are from Creatures of the Wind's Spring 2010 RTW collection. I actually discovered their work through WWD because I had to do a project for my Fashion Presentations class! I definitely loved what I saw..and of course...I still do!! I encourage everyone to check out their website at http://www.creaturesofthewind.com/ Though, they do not have their Spring 2010 collection up...they still have good designs!