A Worthy Comeback

So, I feel like it is about time that headpieces are coming back to the mainstream. My heart just flutters with the idea that Pillbox hats will once again be socially acceptable. I truly feel that beautiful head pieces celebrate femininity and emphasize the beauty within our sex. With these cute creations from awesome designers, womens head wear is surely on the rise. Check them out!! And be awed by the velvets, tulle, bows, flowers, and odd yet beautiful color pallets!

The above pieces are from Vinny and Vernelle's "Everyday Fancies" collection. The pieces are hand made from material from the early to mid 1900s--so you know they're one of a kind! I strongly feel that using vintage fabrics brings out the nostalgic effects of old styled-modern pieces. Check out their etsy at http://www.vinnyandvernelle.etsy.com !!

Photographed by Lucia Holm for N.E.E.T. Magazine
The line portrayed above is called "Lulufinder," by Alexandra Grecco
Check out more of Alexandra's line at www.lulufinder.etsy.com
Above are from Creatures of the Wind's Spring 2010 RTW collection. I actually discovered their work through WWD because I had to do a project for my Fashion Presentations class! I definitely loved what I saw..and of course...I still do!! I encourage everyone to check out their website at http://www.creaturesofthewind.com/ Though, they do not have their Spring 2010 collection up...they still have good designs!


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