Masaki Mizuno

I am in LOVE with Masaki Mizuno's work.  Utilizing pencil and gauche techniques, Mizuno is heroically saving a dying art--Fashion Illustration.  With the technology age moving swiftly along, CAD (computer aided design) has made it possible to create fashion at a faster, more reliable, and more economical rate.  When was the last time you saw an actual fashion illustration on the front cover of Vogue?  Just something to think about.
 Mizuno on his technique:All my work is analogue, hand painted with acrylic, air-brush, and rollers. It is true that using digital would be a logical way to illustrate the new textiles and materials that are created every year; however I think that there is a genuine charm about analogue art that can never be replaced by digital technology.

Cutest Baby Ever!

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, this baby could be quite hideous! Who knows what lurks behind the oversized wayfarers and the buck toothed bunny mask! Bhaha


I'm a BIG fan ^-^





This is my dear friend, Eileen.  She is Bad Ass (observe the middle finger in your face, though it kind of looks like a penis with those ass ring on each side.) She is cooler than you'll ever be or ever wish to be.  It was Eileen who introduced me to pretty much all of my favorite books (Franny & Zooey, The F*CK UP, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.)  We also go on crazy adventures in Queens and will take over Brooklyn one day with the rest of the RickysNYC girls. Sigh. Take me home, home, home!


I feel..

like icky.
"Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand
Listen with your heart
You will understand." -Pocahontas

Blitz Knitz!

Above: Thelma Blitz knitting and modeling her own sunglass creation!
During the summer I met Thelma Blitz working at her street vendor in Soho!  Thelma has an etsy called blitzknitz.etsy.com! Taking sunglasses she embellishes them with crafty plastic figurines, glitter, and all kinds of surprises to meet every occasion! They are so much fun and whimsical! She also knits little booties as well as bikinis.  Being that Thelma was so cute and creative--you need to check out her stuff!

Stroll in the park anyone? ^-^

How Lindsay Lohan is RUINING My LIFE

DISCLAIMER: Ungaro is a Parisian Couture House. The founder, designer Emanuel Ungaro, studied the craft of couture at Balenciaga and Courreges (other renowned Couture houses). 
ARTICLE: Incase you did not know, Lindsay Lohan was appointed Artistic Advisor alongside Estrella Arch who is the Head Designer for Emanuel Ungaro earlier this September.  I want to cry.  To think that President and CEO Mounir Moufarrige, who replaced Karl Lagerfeld's Head Designer position in Chloe with Stella McCartney, decided to bring a scandalous celebrity to the level of BALENCIAGA AND COURREGES is DEPRESSING.  There are 2 things that have become factual in my mind. 1) UNGARO IS DESPERATE and the company needs HELP (regardless of respecting the ART OF COUTURE)  2) the Fashion Industry is going down the..toilet. If this is what fashion is today (scooping young starlets/ex cokeheads and putting them in place of famous and illustrious couturiers and couturieres)--I'm going to change it, or DIE trying. FASHION IS AN ART, NOT A SLEEZY TABLOID STORY.
ps. the Chicago Reader even referred to the clothing in the collection as "OK on the racks of Macy's."--OUCH MUCH?

Really? Glittery hearts and pasties?  Juxtaposed with tacky flaming red lipstick?  Where are the feathered boas? Sorry LiLo, but UNGARO doesn't design adolescent dream princess-wardrobes for that of promiscuous/seductive 4th graders.  And way to SEEM sober.
FUN FACT: LILO grew up a town away from me in NY.


I'm getting SICK T_T


This Weekend

Friday:EPA Meeting, Library, Top Secret Meeting, Dinner@Ali Baba's,Where the Wild Things Are
Saturday: Sewing Lab, Xylography Attempt, t-shirt Designs, DUTY (this is where RAs (Resident Assistants) must stay in the building/in its vicinities from 7pm-7am, 7:30-9:00pm office hours, we are allowed to go to sleep, but must remain available if any residents need assistance (haha) we must complete 3 rounds (walking through each buildings' floors) on weekdays and 4 rounds on weekends)
Sunday: Sewing Lab, Homework, Studying

Rodrigo Francisco

More of Rodrigo Francisco here.
I'm sewing something AMAZING ^-^

QueMarqueMar Flickr

More QueMarqueMar on Flickr.

Sexual Intercourse with Donkeys= Socially Acceptable in Cartagena Colombia

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Um. This post was too inappropriate to post. I can't believe my eyes. I've seen too much. Ask me for the link if you'd really want to see it. UHH yea.


This reminded me of Karen, she is currently in love with Alpacas! Aren't they cute?! go to vbs.tv for more from The Cute Show!

Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference. --Reinhold Niebuhr
"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." - Marilyn Monroe



Paul sent me this song, but unfortunately I couldn't find it on youtube. go here for the song (don't pay Tucan! haha) Here are the lyrics though...there's something comforting about this song...me likes ^-^
Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty,
Sound of their breath fades with the light.
I think about the loveless fascination,
Under the milky way tonight.

Lower the curtain down in memphis,
Lower the curtain down all right.
I got no time for private consultation,
Under the milky way tonight.

Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.
Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.

And its something quite peculiar,
Something thats shimmering and white.
Leads you here despite your destination,
Under the milky way tonight
Under the milky way tonight.

Tiny Rant

To Twilight Haters (who feel the need to voice their aversion for Twilight every-chance-you-get):

Personally, I think it's absurd when people hate on other people for reading a specific book.  It's a God damn book, it has words, therefore it's reading, people don't read now-a-days anyway, so be God damn happy that people are actually reading.  This "book hating" fiasco can also be applied to music snobs--people who look down/dislike/judge others as "cool" or "uncool" for their choice in music selection. Like EF! If you want to listen to New Found Glory Covers or Meatloaf by all means do it! This greatly reminds of 8th grade where I was called a "Poser" for listening to Avril Lavigne...really? Really middle schoolers? And now that I'm in college--people haven't changed and I am still being ridiculed. It's disappointing to say the least.  LAME TO ALL.  Freedom to choose and not to be chastised is what I say!!  Eff the haters.  Sheesh. Over it.

ps. I STILL listen to Avril Lavigne and I LOVE TWILIGHT!^-^ Take that.

Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel on Flickr.
Steven Meisel is an American Photographer. If you know Madonna's book "Sex," then you know Steven Meisel's work.  He has and is continuing to photograph for US and Italian Vogue and most recently W. He is one of my favorite fashion Photographers!
Thumbs up to vintage pin-ups and overwhelming tattoos and patterns! The texture that each pattern creates showcases Meisel's attention to detail--Minimalist? I think not! ^-^ Ahh! I'm so drawn to his work! These are quite possibly my favorite images I've found all week!

Magnifying Window

I took this picture about two weeks ago.  I was doing some work in my room on Sunday afternoon and I noticed my window shining on my wall.  I was like what? How?  I quickly realized my magnifying glass had captured the image and was projecting it on my wall.  It was really a beautiful thing.

Inspiration and Motivation All in One!

Arctic Monkeys

I like songs about older single women who have lost their sex drives.

"You used to get it in your fishnets. Now you only get it in your night dress."


Top Shop Shoes

The famously, sometimes too trendy--Top Shop!  I browsed through their shoes..and these are my favorites. You can find them all at http://www.topshop.com !

Facebook, High School, Life

I just took a facebook quiz.  It was something like "What Kind of Kid Were You in High School?"  I got the "Over Achiever"--and it is sad to say that facebook was right and that I couldn't agree more.  Now-a-days that is..still SORT OF me..but not.  I mean, I just tried to spell "achiever" and spell check helped a sister out.  I feel like I'm more lax now and not so up tight about grades.  Mumzy and Dadzy probably don't like this, but I think they understand that I'm happier now with out all that stress.  I feel like a lot of people have been stressing about exams and equating that to the bigger picture.  I don't stress anymore--just as long as I know i tried my best. My FINANCE ACCOUNTING EXAM for example: I got a C.  I studied for a total of 11 hours.  Oh well. I tried my hardest. That's what counts. Okay, so maybe I could have gone to class more, and when I'm in class I should have actually taken notes--but hey, I still tried.  Now I know that I need to bust my ass for my last 2 exams.  Sometimes slaps of reality are necessary to get one going. But i'm sorry Examenes-- YOU DON'T CONTROL ME! HaHa!

ps. I really need to stop eating cereal with a fork. there's something morally wrong with it. and everything in the world feels off when I do.