Blitz Knitz!

Above: Thelma Blitz knitting and modeling her own sunglass creation!
During the summer I met Thelma Blitz working at her street vendor in Soho!  Thelma has an etsy called blitzknitz.etsy.com! Taking sunglasses she embellishes them with crafty plastic figurines, glitter, and all kinds of surprises to meet every occasion! They are so much fun and whimsical! She also knits little booties as well as bikinis.  Being that Thelma was so cute and creative--you need to check out her stuff!

Stroll in the park anyone? ^-^


  1. A kiss from Paris, France - to Thelma who also do fine tranlastions of chansons (Brel, Piaf, Brassens) on YouTube.

  2. Thanks for the kiss from Paris. If anybody want to see the great French songs with English subtitles, check for lightning494. Anonymous helps me with them as my French is far from parfait.

  3. Hello from France !

    I'm sure that in France you will have a lot of success with your amusing sunglasses !