Facebook, High School, Life

I just took a facebook quiz.  It was something like "What Kind of Kid Were You in High School?"  I got the "Over Achiever"--and it is sad to say that facebook was right and that I couldn't agree more.  Now-a-days that is..still SORT OF me..but not.  I mean, I just tried to spell "achiever" and spell check helped a sister out.  I feel like I'm more lax now and not so up tight about grades.  Mumzy and Dadzy probably don't like this, but I think they understand that I'm happier now with out all that stress.  I feel like a lot of people have been stressing about exams and equating that to the bigger picture.  I don't stress anymore--just as long as I know i tried my best. My FINANCE ACCOUNTING EXAM for example: I got a C.  I studied for a total of 11 hours.  Oh well. I tried my hardest. That's what counts. Okay, so maybe I could have gone to class more, and when I'm in class I should have actually taken notes--but hey, I still tried.  Now I know that I need to bust my ass for my last 2 exams.  Sometimes slaps of reality are necessary to get one going. But i'm sorry Examenes-- YOU DON'T CONTROL ME! HaHa!

ps. I really need to stop eating cereal with a fork. there's something morally wrong with it. and everything in the world feels off when I do.


  1. Cereal with a fork?
    lol I think your the only one in the world