Guilty Pleasure

The September Issue. Sigh. It is so cliche of me, as a Fashion Major, to want to see this documentary. It is sort of embarrassing, but whatever--Anna Wintour is a HUGE influential figure in the fashion industry--like it or not. If you previously did not know, Anna Wintour is the editor-in-chief of American VOGUE--yes, that's right...bow down. I think what excites me most about this documentary is seeing Anna Wintour talk down to elite designers, such as Oscar De la Renta. It's quite, shall I say, SCANDALOUS!

OH, wait! I can't see it. There are no showings in Delaware T____T UGHHH!!! I want to be HOME!! Another thing I normally wouldn't do is say "FML," but I feel that right now it is MORE than appropriate...FML.


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