Tiny Rant

To Twilight Haters (who feel the need to voice their aversion for Twilight every-chance-you-get):

Personally, I think it's absurd when people hate on other people for reading a specific book.  It's a God damn book, it has words, therefore it's reading, people don't read now-a-days anyway, so be God damn happy that people are actually reading.  This "book hating" fiasco can also be applied to music snobs--people who look down/dislike/judge others as "cool" or "uncool" for their choice in music selection. Like EF! If you want to listen to New Found Glory Covers or Meatloaf by all means do it! This greatly reminds of 8th grade where I was called a "Poser" for listening to Avril Lavigne...really? Really middle schoolers? And now that I'm in college--people haven't changed and I am still being ridiculed. It's disappointing to say the least.  LAME TO ALL.  Freedom to choose and not to be chastised is what I say!!  Eff the haters.  Sheesh. Over it.

ps. I STILL listen to Avril Lavigne and I LOVE TWILIGHT!^-^ Take that.


  1. I know! I hate it when people judge other people for the random shit that they do. Everyone has to be curious about a hot vampire love story. Some people choose to explore that curiosity while others brush it off. I think it's better to explore it. And why do people care so much about what other people do?! It's not like it's their problem. Haha so glad you posted this Grace. Apparently it's been bothering me too.