How Lindsay Lohan is RUINING My LIFE

DISCLAIMER: Ungaro is a Parisian Couture House. The founder, designer Emanuel Ungaro, studied the craft of couture at Balenciaga and Courreges (other renowned Couture houses). 
ARTICLE: Incase you did not know, Lindsay Lohan was appointed Artistic Advisor alongside Estrella Arch who is the Head Designer for Emanuel Ungaro earlier this September.  I want to cry.  To think that President and CEO Mounir Moufarrige, who replaced Karl Lagerfeld's Head Designer position in Chloe with Stella McCartney, decided to bring a scandalous celebrity to the level of BALENCIAGA AND COURREGES is DEPRESSING.  There are 2 things that have become factual in my mind. 1) UNGARO IS DESPERATE and the company needs HELP (regardless of respecting the ART OF COUTURE)  2) the Fashion Industry is going down the..toilet. If this is what fashion is today (scooping young starlets/ex cokeheads and putting them in place of famous and illustrious couturiers and couturieres)--I'm going to change it, or DIE trying. FASHION IS AN ART, NOT A SLEEZY TABLOID STORY.
ps. the Chicago Reader even referred to the clothing in the collection as "OK on the racks of Macy's."--OUCH MUCH?

Really? Glittery hearts and pasties?  Juxtaposed with tacky flaming red lipstick?  Where are the feathered boas? Sorry LiLo, but UNGARO doesn't design adolescent dream princess-wardrobes for that of promiscuous/seductive 4th graders.  And way to SEEM sober.
FUN FACT: LILO grew up a town away from me in NY.


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