This is how I feel. Wompwomp.

"She's got her jaws now locked down in smile, but nothing is all right."
-Third Eye Blind
1. Amazing Baby - “Headdress”
2. Animal Collective - “Brother Sport”
3. Big Pink - “Velvet”
4. Andrew Bird - “Fitz and the Dizzyspells”
5. Amanda Blank - “Might Like You Better”
6. Boxer Rebellion - “Evacuate”
7. Cass McCombs - “Dreams Come True”
8. Chew Lips - “Seven”
9. Dan Deacon - “Woof Woof”
10. El Perro Del Mar - “Change of Heart”
11. Farmer Dave Scher - “You Pick Me Up”
12. Fever Ray - “When I Grow Up”
13. Girls - “Lust for Life”
14. Grizzly Bear - “Cheerleader
15. Little Dragon - “Swimming”
16. Lissy Trullie - “Don’t to Do”
17. Major Lazer - “Hold the Line”
18. Pains of Being Pure at Heart - “Young Adult Friction”
19. Sufjan Stevens - "Movement VIIsorhythmic Night Dance With Interchanges"
20. Thao Nguyen With the Get Down Stay Down - “Know Better Learn Faster
21. Vivian Girls - “When I’m Gone”
22. Washed Out - “Feel It All Around”
23. Wavves - “So Bored”
24. White Denim - “I Start to Run”
25. White Rabbits - “Percussion Gun”
26. Woods - “Rain On”
27. YACHT - “The Afterlife”

YEAAAA, YOU LIKE THAAAT? CLICK HERE, Fo FREE! You can thank me for letting you know, but you should also thank super trendy/hipster NYLON!


Ok Go

WTF! This is awesome!!!!!!! I love thisssss!!!!


Christoph Kostlin

For C-Heads Magazine Issue #18.


In the year of 2008, around holiday season, guess, who, didn't, have, a, tree?  The Manalo's.  Why? I have no clue.  I mean, it's not like we have a huge Jesus shrine complete with Holy Water, Holy Oil, wooden carvings from Bethlehem itself, dozens of rosaries, Mary, and Joseph.  I mean, it's not like we go to church EVERY-SINGLE-SUNDAY. I'M A BITTER WOMAN. My family did NOT have a tree last year.  AND IT'S NOT LIKE WE'RE KNOWN TO HAVE THE BEST XMAS TREE EVER.  I am awake at 9:00am, while my brother and sister are sleeping because I am determined to get this tree...with or without them.  I will die for it. I will NEVER have a tree-less Christmas again. HORID HORID HORIIIIIIID!!!

Gwen Stefani

By Lorenzo Agius.

"I follow my heart And leave my head to ponder Deep in this love No man can shake I follow my heart And leave my mind to wonder Is this love worth The sacrifices I make?"

-Tracy Chapman "For My Lover"


Connie Lim

Connie Lim is a Fashion Designer and a Fashion Illustrator--who obviously has mad skills.  Her style is so elegant and detail oriented.  The next time you play cards--play in style.


I gotta say....I absolutely dislike negativity.  I'm tired of people who constantly walk around with negative vibes, being ungrateful, and for bringing other people down with them.  It is so disheartening to have a negative person in your surroundings.  They are like blood suckers--sucking the fun out of everything.  I'm all about the positive energy.  If you'd like to be a positive part of my life, I welcome you, but if you want to be a Debbie Downer--go to Debbie Downer land and get the efferz away from me--we won't get along and I'll be the first to shut you out completely.  BUT (lesson: there is ALWAYS a BUT) if you eventually see how icky you are to be around...we could be fwendz! ^^


So, is it dumb of me to want "Fuck You" on the inside of my bottom lip? Yes, probably--that is why it'll never happen.  I don't know...I like things that are hidden ie. my tongue piercing.  This tattoo is like a secret message that only the chosen would know about.

Beyonce and Gaga

This made me chuckle. I gotsa say, I love both of them. >< guilty pleasures, guilty pleasures.

Terakado Yukari

I love the delicacy juxtaposed with death.  It's beautifully honest--we all pass away eventually.  Terakado on Flickr.

Johnson Woolen Mills

Ill nasty "male" backpacks. Eff the haters, I'd wear one. All $300 of it. Buy here.

Meow clock, please.

Tom Banwell

Cool leather masks from Tom Banwell. Check out his Etsy!

Amaar Ujeyl

^BK what's good?
Mas de Ammar.
Andoni Beristain


I'm in UDaily!

"The international fashion show was hosted by Grace Manalo, a student in the fashion and apparel studies program, and Robert Lamoureaux of the ELI."
Not a big deal at all, actually. Haha, don't waste your time going to the link!
Wendee is wearing an authentic Indian sari, and I am wearing what $14.00 at the thrift store will get you.  It's my favoritest, most obnoxious dress I own! ^-^
Click here for the article.


Well you could convert,
   All of your emotions into code.
You can figure out a new language,
  and connect to to the right nodes.

And you can solder your emotions till,
   They get lost in the mixture.
You can funnel your feelings through that circuit board fixture,
That you made to ignore all the pain,
That you made because you felt that time busy could keep you sane.

You can kiss All the girls,
And repeat countless lies--of Love, of Life,
  Of believing you have something inside.
But you're empty--
  and you have not one single clue
Of where to go or who to choose.


Trompe L’Oeil Concepts!

Blogger is being an asshole at the moment and won't let me upload pictures. ROAR.

Oh Tila.

So...for no apparent reason, I was looking at Tila Tequila's MySpace.  I came across this picture of her nails.  I laughed, thought for a second, and then laughed some more.  It looks like she went digging through a little kids box of crafts and pleasures.  Totally nonfunctional.


AYE. This is too good to be true, no? ^-^ ...akjsdhfkajsdhfak. kai, need to stop.


Oh, the life of being an RA. Or shall I say, the double-life of being an RA.  I was on "Duty" last night.  Thank God I had this song, because last night was ROUGH. I didn't go to bed till 4am because I was dealing with a lot of issues from my residents.  I'm sleepy and I can never get more than 5 hours of sleep.  UGH. I need to go home now..RIGHT NOW.


All the weekends I've wasted make my stomach churn.
The Early November-Ever So Sweet

Favorite Early November song.
Current Thoughts
-I owned my textiles quiz! byahh
-For some reason I've been listening to all my old/awesome music (Starting Line, Early November, Count the Stars, Student Rick, Less than Jake, Incubus, RHCP, Taking Back Sunday, Yellow Card, Amber Pacific) and ..I'm boastful about it haha
-Hosting the ELI Fash Show was hectic
-My gold lame/black velvet dress is the shit. hands down.
-I'm on duty tonight and it makes me want to cry.
-People think they know me bc they 'think' their from NY--1) you're not 2) WE'RE NOT FRIENDS, YOU CREEP!
-I'm tired of creepers--they're everywhere
-PS. that has always bothered me: people who THINK they're from NY and try to talk to me like they are.  just don't...you look like a fool.  it's okay that you're not. we really don't judge, really! promise!
-I've lost total respect for insensitive, lifeless, robotic people. 
-Saturday is going to be the best day of my life
-I'm getting mad ripped. I may just turn into a man.
-I can't wait for thanksgiving break!!!
-I gotta getta lotta work done tonight!
-The world doesn't know what's coming
-I'm smitten.
-I wish I could say I was in a relationship with my sewing machine on facebook...just saying.


Robi Jõeleht

Trine Hyldtoft

From Scoop Models.

Hot chocolate would taste good out of this...

Designed by Build for the Design Museum.

The Offspring

"Self Esteem"
Sorry I couldn't get the real video--it's embed was disabled. Click here for the real deal. Also, this video doesn't include the breathing at the beginning.. I never noticed it, but I can feel his pain from his inhalations and exhalations. This is truly a powerful song.


Today, I gave a speech that ended with the word "BALLS" in the last sentence. It was awesome.


The Starting Line

"I'm Real"
Now people loving me and hating me treating me ungratefully
but not knowin' that they ain't making or breaking me
my life I live it to the limit and I love it
now I can breath again baby now I can breath again

Meteors and Maroon 5

Maroon 5 played at "The Bob" here at the University of Delaware.  I thought Adam was pretty sick nasty--his range is redeckulous.  Some weirdo 70s disco/80s dance music/tambourine girl band played instead of some Rapper dude.  I was pretty pumped to get my crump on--so, that was the biggest let down of the century.  
Later on was the Leonid Meteor Shower!! Meeek!! I was looking forward to it for a while!  Little did I know that my hopes of meteors thundering through the sky, darting left and right, all over the place, out of control--did not happen.  I saw about 4.  Disappointing. I was glad I got to get away from the huge groups of people.  It was still pretty awesome. ^-^

Subject: Jianbo Sun
To: gmanalo Hello;I'm Jianbo .Today I heard that you have slept only 4 hours recently. I think that it will effect your study because of less sleep. you can try to drink some milk before you sleep. It will help your sleep quickly. So I hope you ahve a good sleep everyday.
                                    Jianbo Sun
This seriously just made my day.  I met Jianbo organizing the International Fashion Show.  We agreed that I'd help him with English and that he'd help me learn some Chinese! I'm so excited! I swear...awesome people are all around...IT'S SO DANDY! ^-^

Cookie Munstur!

OMG. SO CUTE! My cupcake obsession keeps growing, and growing, and growing!!

Edita Vilkeviciute

By Solve Sundsbo for Numero #108


The Bots

Mikaiah 16 & Anaiah 12. This is pure talent. And they're so cute! Check it out now...


Current Thoughts
-My Mod Podge almost got glued shut. I almost had a heart attack.
-Is this weekend really over? It was my favoritest weekend of all time.  I'm sad.
-I can't wait to pull a switcheroo on the old bed room!
-5ive is the best one hit wonder Boy Band
-My room is a mess. Damn, son.
-When I don't write my feelings down, I'm lying to myself.
-I'm going to need a new journal! I'm thinking a Moleskine?
-My agenda/planner is a work of art.
-My hamstrings hurt (Pain is weakness leaving the body!!) FRUIT OF MY LABOR, YES!
-Dark Blue on piano is rad.
-I love making bows.
-My etsy is going to be fun, fun, fun.
-PRISM Studio needs a friend aka a Sewing Machine.
-Too Soon??
-I love love.
-EFF I have an 8am.
-I also had Duty tonight
-OMG Maroon 5 is tomorrah! Can't forget to give Zacharia 20 bucks. repetition. 20bucks20bucks20bucks20bucks.
-Snowboarding season=YUMMY. can't wait to tear ish uuuuup
-I wish I were a pro-skateboardEST.
-What am I going to wear tomorrow?
-I love my Mommy and Daddy.
-If I could, I'd live in a mod podged world.
- love cheesy.
-I don't like reading too far into things, but there are some things that I just love to read the shit out of ^-^
-I really need to change my sleeping habits. Ugh, it's bad!! SO BAD!!

I know you love it. Lets not kid ourselves.

Hand Made Bows!

I made them for Rebecky & Karen!
Because they are the most beautifulest, sweetest, absolutestly stunning in every way friends.
If you knew me, then you'd know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make things for awesome people.  You'd also know that I feel that handmade creations make the world go round!  I hope they don't see this before I give them their gifts! Hehe ^-^



On Friday the 13th, SGA (UD's student government) and Haven (LGBTQ group) held the event 'ONE' in order to help world poverty.  There were many musical acts from Vision A Capella, Blue Hen String Quartet, Dark Arts, Gospel Choir, J.Wilson, Heart Beatz and a performance by Riot Act (an improv comedy group.) A black and white photo contest was held in which Ange Davies won 2nd place! Along with that, there was a "Who has the most style tonight?" contest in which my awesome friend Karen DeMaio and I were finalists! We then proceeded to snack shop at Pathmark and retreated to PRISM STUDIO.  We were joined by awesome, awesome people and created/recorded tubular,tubular tunes/noises/music/poetry.  From bongos, guitars, a melodica, cowbell, and a mandolin to candy wrappers, glass stones, trash cans, chairs, and more, we created beautiful harmony.  It was quite fabu.  Here are my favorite photos of the hundreds that were taken ^-^ !