All for the Mountain!!

So lately I've been trying to accessorize.  I've been too deeply scarred by my High School years when I would wear a matching pink Juicy Couture velour jump suit, a Juicy Couture bowler bag with a Juicy Couture velour mini-ipod holder, with a Juicy Couture charm bracelet with 5+ Juicy Couture charms, and a long gold Juicy Couture necklace. (PS-that was very embarrassing to admit, so I hope you appreciated my brutal honesty haha) But, alas! I have found some awesome very low-key, yet extremely unique pieces from none other than All for the Mountain!  All for the Mountain carries jewelry that speaks for itself--they are definitely conversational pieces.  Though I do not carry money to splurge on their items which range from $150-$350 it is nice to know that there are some good jewelry pieces out there that aren't so...gaudy/kitchy.  Plus, their webpage is iLLnasty with the use of OVER THE TOP CHEESINESS (and I am cheesiness's #1 fan!) Please check it out--it will make you chuckle to yourself.


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