On Friday the 13th, SGA (UD's student government) and Haven (LGBTQ group) held the event 'ONE' in order to help world poverty.  There were many musical acts from Vision A Capella, Blue Hen String Quartet, Dark Arts, Gospel Choir, J.Wilson, Heart Beatz and a performance by Riot Act (an improv comedy group.) A black and white photo contest was held in which Ange Davies won 2nd place! Along with that, there was a "Who has the most style tonight?" contest in which my awesome friend Karen DeMaio and I were finalists! We then proceeded to snack shop at Pathmark and retreated to PRISM STUDIO.  We were joined by awesome, awesome people and created/recorded tubular,tubular tunes/noises/music/poetry.  From bongos, guitars, a melodica, cowbell, and a mandolin to candy wrappers, glass stones, trash cans, chairs, and more, we created beautiful harmony.  It was quite fabu.  Here are my favorite photos of the hundreds that were taken ^-^ ! 


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