Current Thoughts
-My Mod Podge almost got glued shut. I almost had a heart attack.
-Is this weekend really over? It was my favoritest weekend of all time.  I'm sad.
-I can't wait to pull a switcheroo on the old bed room!
-5ive is the best one hit wonder Boy Band
-My room is a mess. Damn, son.
-When I don't write my feelings down, I'm lying to myself.
-I'm going to need a new journal! I'm thinking a Moleskine?
-My agenda/planner is a work of art.
-My hamstrings hurt (Pain is weakness leaving the body!!) FRUIT OF MY LABOR, YES!
-Dark Blue on piano is rad.
-I love making bows.
-My etsy is going to be fun, fun, fun.
-PRISM Studio needs a friend aka a Sewing Machine.
-Too Soon??
-I love love.
-EFF I have an 8am.
-I also had Duty tonight
-OMG Maroon 5 is tomorrah! Can't forget to give Zacharia 20 bucks. repetition. 20bucks20bucks20bucks20bucks.
-Snowboarding season=YUMMY. can't wait to tear ish uuuuup
-I wish I were a pro-skateboardEST.
-What am I going to wear tomorrow?
-I love my Mommy and Daddy.
-If I could, I'd live in a mod podged world.
- love cheesy.
-I don't like reading too far into things, but there are some things that I just love to read the shit out of ^-^
-I really need to change my sleeping habits. Ugh, it's bad!! SO BAD!!


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