Little Bob Playlist

I hit up the gym (Little Bob) at 8am this morning-- I KNOW, intense, right???  I think it is extremely cute how some people don't know how intense I am ^-^ Well, as I was on level 7 elliptical, STRENGTH TRAINING, (holy efferz, it was so BRUTAL) I watched and listened to some interesting MTVU songs.  Here's the Little Bob Playlist for today, Tuesday, November 3rd!!
PS. It takes a little bit to load, so...HOLD YOUR HORSES!

The Embed for the real video was disabled click here for the real trippy video that made me want to toss my cookies. I'm not discrediting the video, it is awesome--just not when you're bobbing up and down and your world is already spinning.
THIS WAS A DELICIOUS SURPRISE! I have been holding myself back from reading the 3rd book of the Twilight series and I've been feeling lonely with out it! I can't wait for NEW MOON to come out, though, I have not seen the first Twilight movie. Mmmm, what a treat for me!!

I love Kid Cudi--this totally complimented my adrenaline racing heart. IT GOT ME MAD PUMPED--IT MADE ME WANT 10, NOT ONE, BUT 10 PROTEIN SHAKESSSSSS to feed my bulky MUSCLESS


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