Meteors and Maroon 5

Maroon 5 played at "The Bob" here at the University of Delaware.  I thought Adam was pretty sick nasty--his range is redeckulous.  Some weirdo 70s disco/80s dance music/tambourine girl band played instead of some Rapper dude.  I was pretty pumped to get my crump on--so, that was the biggest let down of the century.  
Later on was the Leonid Meteor Shower!! Meeek!! I was looking forward to it for a while!  Little did I know that my hopes of meteors thundering through the sky, darting left and right, all over the place, out of control--did not happen.  I saw about 4.  Disappointing. I was glad I got to get away from the huge groups of people.  It was still pretty awesome. ^-^


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