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Monday, December 22, 2003

Honestly, I've never been so scared, in my WHOLE life..
get OVER it

u r fine
now drinking...that should scare u
u don't know how many kids get produced from sharing the same glass
Posted 12/26/2003 6:43 PM by TheOnlySnNotTaken (MANdrea)
HAHAHA, this is SO effing funny.  Oh, those days...with pre-pubescent boys and play areas in Sears. Who would've thunk it? hahaha...when you're that age--you are just so naive. I mean, I definitely am STILL naive sometimes, but this...this is just ridiculous. MM I LOVE IT!
"Repeat after me; I AM FREE."
Do it.

Dashboard- "Hands Down"

Oh, Chris Carrabba ^-^


I'm corny...

...But it's a true command.

Triple Faced

FFFFOUND didn't source this correctly ): I wish I knew more about who did this...
Adriana Petit

Eek Designs

Aren't they so cute? I'm really fond of the bold lines and distinct contrasts. Find more @ Etsy!


My parents went shopping in Flushing this morning (without me -____-) and bought some delicious, fatty, juicy crabs. We ate them for dinner tonight and they were to die for!!! I love seafood! MMMM. I love eating crabs, because you gotta work for that meat, NAWH SAYIN?!


"WAIT. why aren't i freaking out the weekend fiascos ?!?!??!?!?sadfhaskjdfhkjKAJSHDFajsdhfkjhdsjhksdf!!!"

I wrote this about a month ago. I think it's HALARRious!


Danuuul is STILL sleeping. It is 6pm. I should probably poke him with a stick.

James Franco on SNL

HAHAAHA...Um, I wonder if there are anymore kisses for me? ): ):
I'm a giddy little school girl. Ah James Franco, I'd totally keep you warm in the cold winter months. No questions asked.

Sonic Fabric Cassette Tape Necktie

Made of 50% Polyester and 50% Recycled Cassette Tape.  Not only are these ties sustainable and fashionable, but they are functional! Of course you can use them as a tie and wrap them around your neck, BUT they can also be played! I know right? How can a piece of clothing play music?  Check out this tutorial and find out for yourself! It is SO ILL.

The Modern Footie PJs!

I Love to Climb...

Alton's! Hehe ^-^

I don't care what you think...It is time.

Someone in Wisconsin Loves Me...
So, I'm about to do some reading in bed when I hear my phone vibrate.  I look at it and it is a 608 number. I'm all like double-yew-tay-eff-mate? I answer and this is how the conversation goes:
Me: Hello?
Me: What? Who is this?
Man: Don't hang up,
Me: Who is this?
Man: I just wanted to tell you I love you.
Me: Yea, you have the wrong number.
Man: What?
Man: Oh, sorry.
Hahaha, I just read over all that, it doesn't seem entertaining, does it? That was definitely a had to be there moment. Okay. Waste of a post. So what? Bite me.
My Nickname
mateo (10:33:13 PM): i just searched you in facebook as mango
I was supposed to post this a while ago! >.< I don't know what happened! Anyways. They call me Mango. hahaha.

I Dream of Kitty!
Mmmm. I love waking up after dreaming about kitty cats ^-^! I dreamt that I was in my friend's den and this cute, cute kitty came along.  The kitty wasn't paying attention to anyone but me, he kept nudging on me and rubbing on me, and purring!  Then my friend came over and and I was skeptical that the kitty wouldn't like him, but he did this trick where he put up his finger, the kitty lifted his palm to it, and then my friend pulled his finger away and the kitty's paw stayed in the air--IT WAS SO ADORABLE!!!!  But that is pretty much my dream.  It was a lovely dream.

So, since I even remembered the dream--I totally swooned it! Here's what it said:
Dreaming of a cat is a generally unfortunate omen and it shows treachery as well as a run of bad luck. If you chase the cat away you will overcome your adversaries or turn your bad luck into good.

And I was like, NO WAY! There is no way that it could be a bad omen if I felt SO happy about it. I googled 'dream catsand came across this meaning:
For the cat lovers who dream of cats you have a whole new meaning....if the cat is beautiful you will meet an attractive person who will become your mate. 

HELLO! I'M A CAT LOVURRR! The kitty was SOOO beautiful ^-^ This made me feel 10 times better about my kitty dream, definitely ^_______^

The Copenhagen Wheel

If I were a cyclist, this would make me feel like Christmas everyday.  Basically, if you're too lazy to watch this awesome teaser, the wheel stores the kinetic energy from when you break and releases it when you need an extra push (going up a hill).  It also serves as a personal trainer, calculating your miles, calories burned, forecasting traffic, and etc.  MIT is advancing things, for sure.

View from Above

The Golden Gate Bridge. By Telstar Logistics.


This made me laugh...
im just about to text zach the news
he's going to cry
yea...he just sad faced me
breaking it to him over the phone?
what a bitch.
lol, i dont have the balls to tell him face to face

Click for Corey's gangsta-g-gangsta blog!


Oh, how I pine for thee.
How certain clothes are sewn makes me feel so good. I know, it may sound sick, but I really do get some sort of high from aesthetically pleasing designs, such as this one.  I love the pleating, the soft blue juxtaposed with the light pink of a delicate bow.  I love how it is gathered at the waist and the level of sophistication the white cuffs and collar add to the piece.  This is a work of art.
Cel Jarvis

The Flaming Lips- "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots p1"

Definitely, currently, my fav Flaming Lips song. This really reminds me of 'dance party' night. Sigh. If only I could rewind time.

BOOOOOOM gives away Zig Zag shoes!

One of my favorite blogs, BOOOOOOOM, is hosting a Zig Zag shoe giveaway.
The only catch is, you must write a haiku!  Here is mine: 



Sigh, I doubt I'll win--it really bites.  There are some good ones. Winners are announced this Monday! Wish me luck! hahaha

Marc Jacobs

...for Francois Nars cosmetic book! Isn't he beautiful? No, but really. I think Marc Jacobs is EXTREMELY attractive.

Benbo George

Benbo and I are facebook friends. I take pride in that. Benbo is a graphic designer and illustrator.  I love his use of color and different effects. I feel nostalgic when I look at his work.


“The true key is a trust in self. For when I trust myself, I fear no one else. I took control of my life, just as anyone can. I want everyone to see it's in the palm of your hand. The past is gone, the future yet unborn. But right here and now is where it all goes on.” -Beastie Boys


"I wanted to believe in all the words that I was speaking as we moved together in the dark[...]  We'll pretend that it meant something so much more.  But it was vile, and it was cheap.  You are beautiful, but you don't mean a thing to me."- Death Cab.

Jamie Ferraioli

Hand painted polymer-clay sculptures. They're SO cute, I think I am going to die.  If you're into cute trinkets, illustrations, and/or figurines you MUST follow Jamie on blogspot, check out her flickr, and buy from her etsy. GO! GO! GO!

Andersen M Studio

For the New Zealand Book Council.
No words, except one: TALENT.

Fashionable H1N1 Detectors/ 'Thermachromic Flu Masks'

By Marjan Kooroshnia
These masks are printed with thermochromic ink that changes color as breathing temperature increases.  Now we can pinpoint the diseased and quarantine them quicker.  Okay, maybe that wasn't too funny, but I am truly fascinated by this ^-^.

Death Cab for Cutie

"Tiny Vessels"
"You are beautiful, but you don't mean a thing to me."
Gets me every time.


Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper for MAC

Photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for the Spring 2010 MAC Viva Glam Campaign.

Anne-Sofie Madsen

A tribal inspired collection named "Tiki-Mania-Maori." 

Le Nuage: Poetic Street Project

This colorful projection on the side of a building is so euphoric.  The ambiance emitted from the vastly fading colors into colors makes me tickle ^-^  I wish to do something like this on the Delaware campus one day...objetgraphik.
i love going to sleep feeling giddy...it is possibly the 2nd best way to fall asleep (:

...only that i end up getting no sleep ): womp.


Imaginary Picnic

By Nirrimi. Mmm, this really tickles my fancy! I love the colors and the serenity.

Fanny Pack on yo HEAD!

I'm a HUGE fanny pack fan, and if you don't know--NOW YOU KNOW.  I think this concept of using a hat as a storage device is definitely witty and awesome, but how practical is it?  I mean, you don't want to be storing your credit cards and/or benjamins up in there.  From experience (cough*last friday*mikevincent*cough) it is rather easy for some goon to come up and snag your sombrero right off your bloody head! But you know what? I'd still take the risk.  Mad propz to Cap-Sac. Check that ish out! They're only $12.99 ! ^-^

AWFUL cover.

I am so sorry for exposing your ears to this monstrosity, but it made me laugh sooooo hard.


A List of Things I Need:
  • My Family
  • NY
  • A better immune system
Human Pantone

By Pierre David. Clever.

The Strokes

"Is this it"
Hmm. This is my theme song at the moment. I'm having a rather off kind of day. Blehpbloop.
Being that I am getting sick, yet again, today is going to be another movie day in bed...and I'm quite excited about it ^-^! heh Hopefully, I will put up some awesome posts.  I've been too wordy lately, no?


Mmm. I love lazy Saturday afternoons when I have nothing to do but relax! Cuddling close to blankets and sheets while watching Blood Diamond and The Little Mermaid.  Oh yes, and ramen noodles! ^-^

For my dear, dear friend.

MMmm. I love ramen noodles ^-^


"Answer no to these questions. Let me go, learn a lesson. It's not me, you're not listening. Now, can't you see something's missing. You forget where the heart is." -Yellowcard

Jack's Mannequin

"Kill the Messenger"
Well by God, I definitely do not mind waking up to some Jack's Mannequin ^-^.



  • I'm FINALLY, genuinely happy. No faking, no wanting, I am ^-^.
  • The MOST BEAUTIFUL people in the world surround me. I am truly blessed. Thank you.
  • I'm actually SMILING and having FUN. And I don't feel guilty about it!! !!
  • I found something to believe in.
  • I started to feel appreciated again.
  • I started to believe in myself again.
  • I began to respect my body, my mind, and my time again.
  • I'm finally INSPIRED again! Something I haven't felt for a long time. Ah, IT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOD. One of the best feelings in the world. Possibly..orgasmic.
  • I stayed true to who I am.
  • Family, friends, and others that were once filled with concern are now happy for me!
  • I saw how irrational and desperate people can get when driven by SELFISH motives.
  • I hate to pity people, but sometimes there is no escaping it.
  • I learned how it feels to have absolutely NO respect for people. I hate that feeling.
  • I now know what I DO NOT want.
  • I got the best friends, evur!
  • I got the best residents evur!
  • I started making cutesie little trinkets again!
  • The PIANO and I have reconnected!!!!
  • The VIOLIN and I have reconnected as well!!!
  • it can KISS MY ASS.
  • it is OVER (besides a final next Thursday)
  • though it owned me for the most part, I killed it academically in the end ^-^
  • "Work Hard. Play Hard."

3 words: I AM FREE.


Yesterday in my last MISy (Manufacturing Information Systems..like Access, Excel, etc) class my professor wanted to end the class by going around the room and having everyone say one thing they learned and how it would help them in the future.  This one girl says something along the lines of.... "Well I'm a Fashion Merchandise major, so I don't think that it will help me at all. It was kind of pointless. Hehe." I SWEAR TO GOD, THERE WAS SOME INVISIBLE FORCE FIELD THAT KEPT ME IN MY SEAT. Are you effing kidding me, CHILD?  Buying? Owning a business? MAKING MOTHERF-CKING TRANSACTIONS? RECORD KEEPING?! EXCEL? DATABASE AS MARKETING TOOLS?!? ACCESS?!? PRESENTATIONS?? SALES??? POWERPOINT?? holy fuck.  This is why people think Fashion majors are stupid. BECAUSE SOME OF THEM REALLY ARE.  OH. Yes. I QUICKLY responded (haha, like TOO quickly) and said "Actually, it is REALLY important especially if you're going to go into buying (which is the ONLY thing most Fash. merch majors think there is to do with a ba in fash merch...why would I put it passed her to want to do anything, nevertheless know about anything else? (okay that was a little mean, but I don't care.) you will most likely need excel."  I don't care if it sounded bitchy. I hope it did. Maybe she'd understand bitch language a little better. OKAY MY RANT IS OVER. Shit.


Leica M7 Hermes Edition 35MM

BIGGEST WANT OF THE CENTURY? I'm camera struck.  I want all of it.  All $14,250 of it.  There are ONLY 200 available.  100 units of this orange colour and 100 units of ├ętoupe (tannish).  I'd turn down a Nikon D40 for this baby any day. Oh,  Leica.

Andreia Chaves

Shoe concepts. Pretty BA if you ask me.
"The world is going to explode in 2 years or w/e so get yours."
-Paul Handford
Best quote, of FOREVER...or until 2012! oh snap! hahahaahah

"Oh, I Wish I Had A Sun Tan. I Wish I Had A Pizza And A Bottle Of Wine. I Wish I Had A Beach House. Then We Could Make A Big Fire Every Night. Instead Im Just Crazy, Im Totally Mad. Yeah Im Just Crazy Im fucked In The Head"

 -Girls "Lust for Life"
I don't actually relate to this song, I just enjoyed the lyrics...I thought they were fun.

This will get me an APLUS on my accounting exam.

The Roots- "The Seed"
If I worked out my brain as much as I worked out my biceps...

"I'm maxxed out like a credit caa-aa-aard"

Ben Kweller- Wasted and Ready
Definitely one of my favorite songs in the entire world. It's totally 8th grade, but I'm still obsessed.

Speaking of Gingerbread Houses...

Here are some sick architectural gingy houses ! It'd still eat them anyway.  Who are the masterminds behind these awesome figures? The design group: Creative Room.