Bhopal Disaster

The "Bhopal Disaster" took place in Bhopal, India on December 3rd 1984.  Basically, copious amounts of water got into a tank at in a factory called Union Carbide.  The water began to react with 42 tons of methyl isocyanate.  The temperature began to increase, as did the pressure.  In turn, gas made up of methyl isocyanate, phosgene, hydrogen cyanide was emitted into the surrounding town.  As the poisonous gas crept passed the boundary walls, it killed 4,000 people within the first couple of hours.  The government reports that since then 15,000 deaths have occurred.  'Dow Chemical' bought the company in 2001.  Dow claims that all legal cases were resolved in 1989.  The clean up of Union Carbide is now the responsibility of the local state government.
So, as the 25th anniversary of this disaster is approaching...perhaps we should all feel grateful that such events haven't exploded in our lives.  There really is so, so much that we all fail to see when our minds are crowded with where we have to go, people we have to see, meetings/classes we must attend, exams that must be studied for, expectations to be met, but maybe sometime this week...just stop. Stop and realize how fortunate you actually are.


  1. I'm studying law in australia and have just started reading the case on bhopal and have been devastated by the horrific case. I feel sorry for the people who did not receive justice and keeps me wondering is law something i really want to do when a case like this might come up in the mere future and i have no choice but to go against my own morals.

  2. The whole thing is terrible! Did you know that methyl isocyanate can also be found in cigarette smoke?