Current Thoughts:

-I suckies at wearing my glasses.
-I almost fell down the stairs.
-I dropped Mr. Macky (laptop) No worries, he's dandy.
-I ate a really good breakfast sandwich.
-I just spelled 'sandwich' as 'sandwhich' and it took me forever to correctly spell it. hahaha.
-I'm in the library. It took me a while to find the perfect spot.
-The internet is mad slow, so this is how I rationalize my procrastination: blogging.
-I feel somewhat lame at the moment, hahaha. Good lame.
-Wtf is up with this internet, yo?
-I ONLY HAVE ONE FINAL!!!! WEEee! pp pants right about..NOW! It is MISY and it is on the last day.
-That is okay/Doesn't matter, bc I'm an RA and I'm here till I die.
-Considering I only have one final...I'm basically swamped till 9am Wednesday, December 9th...which I'm a-okay with!!
-My battery is dying and there is no outlet in sight. Totally NOT the perfect spot.
-Karen and I are trying to find a place to host a musical performance by Drew Swinburne on December 11th.  My friend Alicia may be able to host it...I cross my fingers, yo.
-Karen is tew kewl for skewl ^-^
-I really fucked up this semester ): But that's alright, bc I have my to do list that puts the academic world into perspective...its-not-that-bad.
-MY ABS STILL HURT FROM A WORKOUT I DID ON SATURDAY. Andrea Robotham is seriously my own personal JOHN BASEDOW! Only better looking, obviously.
-I forgot how much I enjoy the library!!! ^_____^
-Cheerleading is the shit, fuck what you heard. haha.
-"DUMB ASIAN GIRL. LOVE WHITE GUYS. PUTS OUT! DON'T-HESITATE." hahaha, this made me laugh...it is written on the booth in which I am currently stationed.
-I am soo excited for winter break. my heart will explode.
-I feel like a failure of a friend because I didn't get to see all my fly friends over Tday break.
-I will own this Tuesday day.
-Sometimes I just wish I could jump in Mr.Miroki's tank and swim around with him.
-Karen and I invented "SEW-BOARDING" yesterday.  Keep checking back for those videos.


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