Lissy Trullie

"Don't to Do"
I AM INFATUATED WITH LISSY TRULLIE. Unfortunately, youtube is not--they only have this live version. Whatevs, I'll totally settle. Unfortunately, google search cannot find the lyrics to this song. What is up with the internet and it not being a fan of Lisssy Trullie? It TRULY (haha!) is ABSURD. Oh!! and one more unfortunate situation: Lissy Trullie will be performing in Manhattan on the 14th, but I will be in school, but they will be performing on the 17th in Philly, but it is 21+. Why can't the world see that Lissy Trullie and I were meant to be?


  1. if you go to nylon, they have a whole bunch of free music and thats where i got the studio version! :D for freeee!

  2. nylon magazine online, sorry for being so unclear.