Karl Lagerfeld Interview

Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel is  interviewed by Imran Amed founder of one of my favorite fashion news bogs,  B.O.F. at the 2010 International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference in Lond.  Lagerfeld gives very conceptual, deep, and in my opinion profound responses to Amed's questions of technology and fashion.  
"The minute you think the past was better, your present is second hand, and your self become vintage."

Danny Sangra


Sophie Kern



Meh, I'm tired of my blogger layout..I think it is time for a change...but only if I had the time! ):


Crystal Cave in Mexico

Michal Kubacki

Ludmila Foblova

A Fond Memory...

So, as I laid in bed this morning I randomly just thought of my elementary school art teacher, Mrs. Hsu.  She was this elderly, slim, asian woman who I absolutely loved and looked up to.  I remember this one day I was so frustrated with whatever it was I was making (wish I could remember) and I asked her how I could fix it and she said, "Grace, in Art, there are no mistakes." I died. I was like 8 years old and I died my first death. I remember being so taken back by what she said. Thinking about it to this day gives me chills. This moment when I was like 8 years old is something I don't think I'll ever forget. Mehp, random...but this is a true story.




Feeling a bit qualmy about my outfit today...

I'm a little bit in doubt about my outfit.  I hate this uneasy feeling of being uncomfortable in my own threads.  You'll be glad to know that my mottled mind is at ease as I have found this trend report via WHOWHATWEAR--for I am wearing creme colored lace tights with a burnt sun dried rust orange/brown and black buffalo checkered button down, a worn forest green blazer, a black waist skirt, a dark forest green waist belt with a gold buckle, a creme sequined bow, and my brown clark booties.  I thought I looked just swell when I looked in the mirror, but then I walked out the door and the sun hit my outfit in a way that made me want to toss my cookies.  Then I booked it to class so quickly that I'm sure those who saw me probably thought I was about to pee my pants (yes I was that frantic).  I must say I don't care that I was booking it and looked like I needed to use the bathroom--Girl gotta get to class. Anyway, the point of this was...to communicate the fact that I feel alright about my clothing choice today because of this trend report...my neutral melting pot puke of an outfit today may not be so bad after all.



Some photos I took of some Indian corn at Milburn Orchards.  I feel like the exposure was perfect and brought out the intrinsic patterns and colors of each kernel. Indian corn--quite a sight to see..no? Yes.



Vitamin C- "Graduation Song"
So...I'm spending another night in the lab..but it's all good because we're all talking about graduation and being Seniors (weird). Reminiscing, but also looking forward gives me some much needed motivation. I know I may not have a social life anymore, but it's alright because I know all this hard work is eventually going to pay off.  Though I'm mentally alright for now, I still hope I get to leave by 2am tonight....


I don't have one. Oh well.


Iain Macarthur

Can you believe these are drawings? Well, I can't. This is amazing. More here.