Having morals is hard; it makes things so difficult.  BUT, I do believe it will make it all worth it in the end. I've just gotten back from Washington, DC from the EPA's P3 Competition/40th year anniversary.  It was an extremely enlightening weekend. The award ceremony today was probably the best public speaking I've ever heard. I'll probably explain in further detail later, but one of my favorite parts was when a speaker said that if you care and believe in something, you care to learn about it.



Well. I dream of a day where I have time to blog ): I will return, mayhaps in a week (: !


When I've been in my dresses, I've been in my shoes,
But you are the one who sets my troubled thoughts loose.

And I've walked these bricks time, and time, and time.
And the sky--so far, never felt so mine.
And I never noticed how the bricks, how they perfectly align.
And I care, and I care, and I care if my rhyming rhymes rhyme.



I really want summer to begin.  I'm extremely tired of Delaware and I feel like I'm being deprived of culture.  I'm tired of the same assholes at the same parties doing the same things and wanting the same things.  Surely I can hold out though--basically, only one year.  Mehk. I can do this.

Playlist for Today

Nothin' on You - B.O.B.

She Moves in Her Own Way - The Kooks

Can I Get A.. - Jay Z

Organic Clothing

.literally. By Nicole Dextras.

"What does not kill me, makes me stronger."

-Friedrich Nietzsche



Billy Joel- Vienna

I finally got to borrow my brother's Billy Joel complete volume 1 book for the piano (: I love Billy and this is definitely one of my favorites of his. There's just something so comforting about the tone and meaning of this song.


Letterpress Dice Prints

Via Today and Tomorrow. Buy these prints and more on Etsy.

Why the Wooster Collective is BOSS.

STEN LEX stencil poster from STEN on Vimeo.

This is a video (found from todayandtomorrow) about the process of creating these stenciled, poster pieces. I find that all the steps to make this piece are so tedious, but extremely rewarding.  A lot of craftsmanship goes into creating designs such as these.  I feel like peeling all the strands of paper would be so invigorating and slowly seeing the image you want to portray come from the blackened paint would give me some type of adrenaline rush that would make me peel faster, and faster, and faster!  Here are some more finished designs from Sten and Lex's Flickr.

Pedro Paricio

More of his paintings.

Design Week Vancouver

Ah. If only I could attend you.

Anna Shelton

More of her photos available at her Flickr. For some reason, today I am feeling very at one with nature.  How does this make sense if I'm on my computer? Yea, I don't know either. I'm going for a run in a few to breathe the Long Island air...maybe that will justify my feelings a bit more.

Gustav Gustafsson

Yes, this may be just a tree. Yes, this photo may only contain a few hues. BUT! It's quite an interesting tree! AND! It makes me feel all warm and summer-y on the inside (: