who knows if the moon's

who knows if the moon's
a balloon,coming out of a keen city
in the sky--filled with pretty people?
(and if you and i should

get into it,if they
should take me and take you into their balloon,
why then
we'd go up higher with all the pretty people

than houses and steeples and clouds:
go sailing
away and away sailing into a keen
city which nobody's ever visited,where

Spring)and everyone's
in love and flowers pick themsel
-ee cummings.

Le Tigre

"Get Off the Internet"
Hmm, I think I need to take a hint.


Where is your mind stationed?
Though your body rests close,
Your hazel eyes look vacationed.
Breathe is consistent,
Your presence is opposite.
Tonight you look exquisite,
I desire to tell you how beautiful you are,
But I digress, you're too far.

You're lightyears away.
Neither a plane, train, could reach.
I often wonder if you're in high spirits,
What is in your thoughts?
And if I told you I love you, would you know I'd mean it?

Where do you go when reality fails you all too much?
Not everyones' a monster who fears human touch.
Maybe that's what you need--a help of hand,
To help you see that we all understand--
Could that bring you back?
Or at least light the way?
Will embers from ashes bring you back someday?

So, I used to write ALL the time. And when I say all the time, I literally mean all the time.  Lately, I've had a hard time expressing myself through writing...I think its because I've been exploring other ways to express myself. And yes, I am using this as an excuse for the recent horrible writing.  This poem is about a friend of mine who I just can't seem to reach. They always seem so deep in thought that they're not even living in the present.  Contrary to others' beliefs, I am not "in like" or "in love" with this friend of mine as it may seem from the poem.  I just deeply care about them and want to reach them somehow.

Street Fashion

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

Festy in style: Gossip girl: Jenny, the rebellious

Festy in style: Gossip girl: Jenny, the rebellious: "Gossip girl: Jenny a lázadó Recently I’ve been watching the Gossip girl episodes in the evenings. I’ve become total mad about the series an..."

Love's Philosophy

THE fountains mingle with the river 
And the rivers with the ocean, 
The winds of heaven mix for ever 
With a sweet emotion; 
Nothing in the world is single,         5
All things by a law divine 
In one another's being mingle— 
Why not I with thine? 
See the mountains kiss high heaven, 
And the waves clasp one another;  10
No sister-flower would be forgiven 
If it disdain'd its brother; 
And the sunlight clasps the earth, 
And the moonbeams kiss the sea— 
What are all these kissings worth,  15
If thou kiss not me?

-Percy Bysshe Shelley


Screenshot of a snippet of my Tumblr archive!



The "Beep" noise in photobooth on a mac is a g#...Just in case you wanted to know! Hahaha, I finally got a new tuner (:


Sewing in the "Secret" Room

Jenna and I working on our Draping dresses during this past semester.  I can honestly say I spent more time in that room than my own, socializing, and sleeping combined. I can also honestly say that I do not miss pulling 2.5 all nighters in a row. I love my sleep. Speaking of...good night!

July Video Hello

So I would have mentioned that each month I will be doing a video post of myself to keep readers updated and what not, but it took me several tries to record myself. Honestly,  I can speak in front of hundreds, but I can't get through 43 seconds w/out stuttering in front of my webcam...go figure. Anyway, that's all (:

uhh....I just watched this...I'm sorry if all my awkwardness caused you to become ill-at-ease.  I wouldn't blame you, just saying. 

Takato Yamamoto

I'm awfully surprised that I haven't blogged about Takato Yamamoto yet.  He's one of my favorite Japanese illustrators of all time.  Rendering macabre apparitions in beautifully dark surroundings causes the viewer to feel in some sort of twilight, mystical, and even ghostly themselves.  Much of Yamamoto's artwork is highly erotic ie. wrapped phallic and bonded women.  One may think this may be tasteless and down right dirty, but Yamamoto indubitably has respect for human anatomy.  He beguilingly portrays the body showing much appreciation.  Check out Juxtapoz for an interview!



Directed by Jon Reiss. If you want to learn more about this graffiti documentary visit the Bomb It blog. My review will be out once I see this bad boy.

Fabien Clerc

OMG. *DROOL* This is SO ILL. I definitely see myself on these turn tables.

Campbell Hooper & Joel Kefali

Here is a lovely montage of the two masterminds' behind Special Problems work. Hooper and Kefali are partners in creative crime. Not only do they do video work, but web design and print as well. I AM OBSESSED with there work and you will be too if you check their stuff out, you definitely will not regret this.

Paulina Persson & Sarah Bolmsten

This picture makes me really, really happy. Must be the hues.


Matt Taylor

Some of my Matt Taylor favorites (:

Bow Pins!

Space Cadet Sadie bow pins! You know you want one (; ...or two! Get them in September!

Supra Sky Top II

These are so dope.

Ice Cream Hair Clip

One of a kind Ice Cream hair clip! To be on sale on Space Cadet Sadie!

Teagan White II

Sick braided hair typography by Teagan White. I love her creations!
Via TypographySERVED.

Teagan White

Quote by Alan Fletcher. More type from Teagan.

Christoph Gielen

Forest Glenn, California
Skye Isle, Florida
Amazing aerial photography. It almost looks like a painting, or a manipulated photo because it is all so symmetrical. More!

New Longboard

I'm pretty pumped for this DIY Arrow 27! I was trying to look for a cute longboard with nice graphics, but I couldn't find a single one that didn't look cheesy. I don't know what it is with longboard graphics, but I cannot stand them. Therefore, my friend Frank and I will be putting this together...after I decide what to make of the design... hmm?

Fish Warrior

"Fish Warrior" premieres tonight at 9pm ET/PT on NatGeo! I barely watch TV, but if I do my go to channels are NatGeo, Discovery, and History (esp. Gangland)  I'll give this show a chance because Jakub Vágner seems like one hilarious, crazy bloke.

Pet Peeve

I guess the word "Pet Peeve" is a pet peeve of mine, but that's not what I was supposed to write about haha. I can't stand it when clothing shrinks. Surely, it will, but to what extent? Some clothing shrinks way too much, unless I just got way too fat in two days--which is entirely possible, but still! Come on. I got this tres cute hoodie in a large because I loved the oversized, drapey look to it. Then, I pulled it out of my dryer and it is about a small. WTF? Haha, I'm not that upset over it...just something that irked me today.



via my tumblr.
So I encountered a lady today and she looked SO depressed.  It was one of those situations where you feel deep down that there is nothing you can do to help them. I smiled at her and I told her that things would get better. She replied "It's already getting better seeing your smiling face." And I know that it is really, really CHEESE, but I felt good. And then she smiled at me. And I just, I don't know, it made my day. Lesson to be learned, and to be learned time and time again: a smile and a little bit of kindness goes a long, long way.


Westernization at its finest

Janelle Monáe

"Tightrope" ft. Big Boi
How dope is this lady? I love her style, that big bow is a big plus in my book, AND THAT HAIR, and how beautifully she pulls it off.  The smooth juxtaposed with the spicy is almost too much for me to handle. Possibly a new favorite artist of mine.

"Urban Exploration" Trailer

Here's the trailer to my 2nd short film of the summer! 3 more to go! This video is basically my friend KennChen and I exploring the lower east side and Williamsburg.  We saw a lot of cool things on the way to BK and got some good shots.  Please don't mind KennChen's cheeks, they're three times their size because he got his wisdom teeth pulled out.  I let him know he was being a good sport about it since he let me film him. Welp, I hope you enjoy it ! The actual work will be out in about 3 days! (:


grilled fruit and vanilla ice cream


Aesop Rock

Just in case you didn't know Ian Bavitz went to my high school. Class of '94. Sick, right?

Bendy Bicycle!

By Kevin Scott via vectroave.
So, you can bend this bicycle in half and lock it by wrapping it around a pole.  I think this is some pretty nice engineering, not too bad for a 21 year old, eh?

Numéro Homme #19

By Karl Lagerfeld via TouchPuppet.
Abbey Lee Kershaw, Heidi Mount, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Baptiste Giabiconi.

Thoughts of a near 21 year old about nearly being 21.

HOW AWFUL IT IS. But before I begin, please know that I know that things can definitely be worst than nearly being 21...like being lactose intolerant and not being able to eat ice cream. Okay, SO. BEING 20.  Or better yet being 2 months away from being 20. It IS bloody horrid. I mean, we're talking about it being socially debilitating! How I pine to go to the bars with my friends, but cannot.  How I could get a fake ID, but hadn't thought of that till now (2 months away) and how I really don't feel like spending money on it.  How the socially accepted attendance at house parties intrigued most college students until they got tired of seeing the same people, act the same way, at the same place and at the same time! How I've grown, and I'm sure some of you too, tired of house party monotony, I mean how many themed parties can you think of as an excuse to let you dress like a slut?  (Though secretly you love that shit because you are one of those girls who, if dressed slutty for no reason would feel awfully guilty/self conscious about it...so these parties justify your whorish garb.)  The answer?  Enough for it to get old.  So, I'll "</rant>" before I begin talking in circles. Essentially, I just want to be able to explore the new social scene that is, bars.


MORE Sneak Peaks

All these pins were hand drawn, designed, painted, cut, and melted!  Not only does each design come in any color you'd like, you can pin them on whatever you like! Unfortunately, these babies aren't on sale until Space Cadet Sadie's Etsy is in action.  But keep your eye out and soon enough, you'll be able to get your hands on these hand crafted conversation pins! (: