Where is your mind stationed?
Though your body rests close,
Your hazel eyes look vacationed.
Breathe is consistent,
Your presence is opposite.
Tonight you look exquisite,
I desire to tell you how beautiful you are,
But I digress, you're too far.

You're lightyears away.
Neither a plane, train, could reach.
I often wonder if you're in high spirits,
What is in your thoughts?
And if I told you I love you, would you know I'd mean it?

Where do you go when reality fails you all too much?
Not everyones' a monster who fears human touch.
Maybe that's what you need--a help of hand,
To help you see that we all understand--
Could that bring you back?
Or at least light the way?
Will embers from ashes bring you back someday?

So, I used to write ALL the time. And when I say all the time, I literally mean all the time.  Lately, I've had a hard time expressing myself through writing...I think its because I've been exploring other ways to express myself. And yes, I am using this as an excuse for the recent horrible writing.  This poem is about a friend of mine who I just can't seem to reach. They always seem so deep in thought that they're not even living in the present.  Contrary to others' beliefs, I am not "in like" or "in love" with this friend of mine as it may seem from the poem.  I just deeply care about them and want to reach them somehow.


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