Thoughts of a near 21 year old about nearly being 21.

HOW AWFUL IT IS. But before I begin, please know that I know that things can definitely be worst than nearly being 21...like being lactose intolerant and not being able to eat ice cream. Okay, SO. BEING 20.  Or better yet being 2 months away from being 20. It IS bloody horrid. I mean, we're talking about it being socially debilitating! How I pine to go to the bars with my friends, but cannot.  How I could get a fake ID, but hadn't thought of that till now (2 months away) and how I really don't feel like spending money on it.  How the socially accepted attendance at house parties intrigued most college students until they got tired of seeing the same people, act the same way, at the same place and at the same time! How I've grown, and I'm sure some of you too, tired of house party monotony, I mean how many themed parties can you think of as an excuse to let you dress like a slut?  (Though secretly you love that shit because you are one of those girls who, if dressed slutty for no reason would feel awfully guilty/self conscious about it...so these parties justify your whorish garb.)  The answer?  Enough for it to get old.  So, I'll "</rant>" before I begin talking in circles. Essentially, I just want to be able to explore the new social scene that is, bars.


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