First Day of Classes

Yep. So yea. Sorry for my lack of posts. School has started and it was the first day of classes today. And, guess what? I've already gotten into trouble. Not like I get into trouble a whole lot, but I guess I do sometimes. I'm sorta loopy right now, I just came back from a creek swim. Anyway, I was just drawing in class and my professor asked to talk to me, and she told me I couldn't do it anymore. It's cool. Really. Not gonna lie, sorta embarrassing. I hate being scolded. I swore I listened to everything she said. Meh. I still had a great day.  Though, it was too hot for my own good.


Intimately Yours Perfume & Cologne

By David and Victoria Beckham.
I definitely want to know what this smells like.

Being Awfully Dumb.

Does that look swollen? Hm, trust me, it is.
Hm, yes, being awfully dumb--something that I'm terribly good at. Now some people just may not be book smart, some people may not be able to make the Star Trek sign, and some people, like me, just love messing up all parts of their left leg. If you didn't hear me bitch about my left shin splint from January till early August, we're probably not friends. But that's okay, because I'll inform you.  In January I ran, snowboarded, and longboarded till my left shin came apart.  It started hurting a lot, but I really didn't care , so I just kept running, skating, doing weird stuff.  It turned into a hairline fracture (though my Orthopedist diagnosed otherwise) and recently healed this month. So, after being able to run for the first time in half a year without pain, I SPRAIN MY ANKLE. THIS IS AWFUL!!!!!! (Mind you, running and boarding are two things that I NEED to do, with out, I am a cranky meanie head who hates the world.) So, I was going down hills on W. Main last night, rolling into bushes, dodging people on main..and you'd think I'd sprain it doing one of those things, nope. I simply bent down on the longboard and stood up then felt some horrible twist in my left ankle, and it was dunzo after that. So here I am, crippled, writing from my bed on this awesome Saturday about how life sucks when you can't move your appendages. It's alright though, I'm slowing my role, and I will be back in no time. Positive thinking is a must in these kinds of situations. (: smiles.


American Apparel Soon To Be Bankrupt?

WHAT?! --My thoughts exactly. According to the New York Times, American Apparel shares have plummeted close to 66% within the last 12 months. 66%! That's like more than half a delicious apple pie, only that this is real life, and companies don't get desserts for the decline of thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Also, American Apparel has released other numbers...like...9.1 million. 91 MILLION IN DEBT. Am I being too dramatic? Can this be the end of the ultra hipster, ultra chic, ultra trendy, ultra sexual, ultra scandalous American Apparel? I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but it's not looking too good. Read up here, here, here, and if you don't have a WWD account here and here.


"Ice Cream Truck"

by Cazwell
So. I'm sort of speechless, um. That's a whole lot of, um, man. Well...anyway. I enjoy this video. It is quite colorful and oodles of fun. Ice cream is also amongst my top 5 favorite foods. Any hoot, um. Haha. Um. Cazwell is an interesting character. He's a Brazilian native whos music is considered rap, electronica, and according to wiki, homohop which is "a genre of hip hop music performed by GLBT artists and performers. It has been described as "a global movement of gay hip-hop MCs and fans determined to stake their claim in a genre too often associated with homophobia and anti-gay lyrics." I thought that was very cool, being that I have never heard of homohop before! You go boy (: !

Naomi Yasuda

Coolest Colored Pencils


Haha, I thought this was hilarious. 


So I just moved into my house here at college and I am in love.  My room, though the smallest, is my favorite place to be.  I bought a dresser, desk, and a chair from a thrift store all for $70! Mind you, the desk was the cutest desk there and I thought it would be the most expensive because of its aesthetic appeal, but it was the cheapest! Would you look at that! I also put floral wall paper up on two walls and I'm currently waiting for an U.O. atlas tapestry! A bunch of awesome people live down the street and my house mates are the coolest girls I know. Last night Jweb and AJ came over and we had a mini jam sesh, and the other night I was teaching KennChen how to play piano. I feel like all these little gatherings are a good foreshadowing of what the year is to be like! I CANNOT WAIT! I shall post photos of my room/furniture and house soon...as I am documenting the whole living-in-a-house-at-college-senior-year-omg-this-is-going-to-be-the-illest-year-of-my-life thing.



Knots. Good to know. via H.M.S. Richmond

Christina Koutsospyrou

According to TrendLand, "Her illustrations have appeared in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Neo2, Tokion amongst others, as well as fashion houses ( Levi’s, La Perla…), TV and record labels…"

Helle Mardahl

"The Soft and the Painful" 2009
"The Loaded Swan" 2009
"The Veiled Bitch" 2009
These works are from Danish graphic designer and illustrator Helle Mardahl. Graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2001, Mardahl fuses fashion and art together.  Her works are  jam packed with political, societal, and sexual messages. According to an interview with her from Ponystep, she heavily accents her work with inspiration from overconsumption in the fashion world and its implications on social structure. I'm really excited to do more research on her because I love what she stands for and her work is very appealing.

La Petite Fashionista: "I Want to Wake Up in the City That Doesn't Sleep"...

La Petite Fashionista: "I Want to Wake Up in the City That Doesn't Sleep"...: "Spotted this Cintia Dicker editorial in the September 2010 Marie Claire France. I love how perfectly captures the energy and adventurous spi..."


Tightrope (Wondamix) Janelle Monáe [Feat. B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco]

I absolutely adore Janelle Monae! She's breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL and talented.

"So much is there to be bored with. Can't be still, I can't afford it. Try to hold it in but it make me sick. So I spit it out say the hell with it. I dream it and I build it tall. Make a way for when it falls."

-Santogold featured along with Lykke Li in Kanye's "Gifted"

Osborn Shoes

I love these. Too bad they're sold out ): I love all that is Osborn Designs. Last December I said I would have a pair by the end of 2009. Unfortunately, I lied. I'm still pining for a pair. Maybe when they have my size available. It is nice to see a company grow immensely in under a year though! (:

Sam Edelman

HOT. Want.


This video was released just today.  Eh, but I have mixed feelings about it.

Retro Type

via typographySERVED dl for free @ MediaFire
I dig.

Jason Levesque is Stuntkid

Jason Levesque aka Stuntkid is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer.  I've officially just discovered him today, but after frolicking through his blog I have found out that I've known him for a long time!! --as I have seen his work on plenty of blogs. It's a wonder why I have not yet blogged about him. Check out his blog for more grawesome (gruesome + awesome) illustration, and more! Any hoot, here is how Stuntkid created this gruesome design of little red riding hood exploding from the belly of the big bad wolf on Photoshop CS4...
Ps. Something tells me that this isn't the last you'll read from me of Stuntkid.

Yuri Pleskun

By Agnese Mazzenzana.

IIDA Light Pool Mobile Unit

I REALLY want this. I was always and still am the kid who only gets the free phone. Currently, after a horrible spell of losing phones on mountains, dropping phones, and phones that magically evaporate into thin air, I have a Motorola Razor. Cool right? If only it was a decade ago (was it that long ago?) This IIDA Light Pool phone is soon to be released in Japan according to Materialiste.  I wonder if it'll make its way to the States.

The Color Black...

is my utmost favorite color! I've been noticing the eradication of color from my wardrobe in the last 2 years. Don't get me wrong, I own florals, plaids, and stripes in almost ever color imaginable, but on the muted scale.  I'm not upset by the lack of color in my life, but intrigued.  Is it because I feel like I'm too fat to wear brightly colored garb? No.  Is it because I'm depressed and my feelings are reflected through my clothing? No. Or is it that I am just maturing? WHO KNOWS.  All I know for sure is that I LOVE the color black. You may ask, "Well geez, why the sudden blog post dedicated to just a color?...smh." And I'll say that I've noticed that almost all of my clothing and shoes are black..and it started to freak me out because I felt like my wardrobe was utterly and completely monotonous, unimaginative, but then I thought to myself, what's wrong with that? I mean, there is everything wrong with an uneventful wardrobe, but just because it is all one color does not mean, by any means, that it is boring. Was this a rant? Can I label this as a rant? Hmm.

JC Decisions

So, being that Jeffrey Campbell is my newest favorite shoe designer, I kind of sort of need a pair from him. Just kidding, I don't NEED anything. BUT! I've been looking for a pair of black heels/platforms that I can wear around wherever/whenever I'd like. Something tells me I'm going to get the second pair (: Especially because I've got a pair of low platforms from Dolce Vita that look like the first.


MORE Bows for Sadie!

These are 100% handmade and from scrap fabric or vintage clothing! Stay fly with these cute, recycled bows come September at Space Cadet Sadie! I promise that they were made with love in every stitch (: More, more, and way more to come!

Claudia Crobatia II

Claudia Crobatia

I absolutely adore this photograph! Meow.



are MORE than called for and NEEDED. I've been working like a something. After work (7-3, wompwomp) and some shenanigans I shall post what I've been working on (: Till then, good day, friends! (:


Blast from the Past!

My old batting gloves. Hahaha, I miss playing softball! I gotta go to the batting cages sometime soon! Its a great way to get your stress out.


DEAR LORD! It has been quite sometime since I have posted! No worries, I'm not dead, or depressed, or consumed by Shark Week/Jersey Shore. I've just been terribly busy! I've been working, sewing lots of bows, making lots of pins, and making other cool trinkets. Oh, and, not going to lie, practicing my Ukulele (:  I'm going back to Delaware on the 15th so I've been making sure I have everything, cleaning my entire room, and creating a packing list. I'm moving into a house with 3 awesome ladies on a street that will be known for being the cats meow by the end of the year (: So yes, I owe updates to all my followers in the US and outside of it! I'm not dead!



Father and I went on a Filipino food store run just a little bit ago.  You wouldn't think it, but these ube-filled crackers from Oishi are YUM!!

Philip Crangi

via style.com/'s item of the week.
Beautiful vintage African beaded necklaces for Giles & Brother. I'm loving the colors and cuts of these one of a kind beads.