American Apparel Soon To Be Bankrupt?

WHAT?! --My thoughts exactly. According to the New York Times, American Apparel shares have plummeted close to 66% within the last 12 months. 66%! That's like more than half a delicious apple pie, only that this is real life, and companies don't get desserts for the decline of thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Also, American Apparel has released other numbers...like...9.1 million. 91 MILLION IN DEBT. Am I being too dramatic? Can this be the end of the ultra hipster, ultra chic, ultra trendy, ultra sexual, ultra scandalous American Apparel? I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but it's not looking too good. Read up here, here, here, and if you don't have a WWD account here and here.


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