Being Awfully Dumb.

Does that look swollen? Hm, trust me, it is.
Hm, yes, being awfully dumb--something that I'm terribly good at. Now some people just may not be book smart, some people may not be able to make the Star Trek sign, and some people, like me, just love messing up all parts of their left leg. If you didn't hear me bitch about my left shin splint from January till early August, we're probably not friends. But that's okay, because I'll inform you.  In January I ran, snowboarded, and longboarded till my left shin came apart.  It started hurting a lot, but I really didn't care , so I just kept running, skating, doing weird stuff.  It turned into a hairline fracture (though my Orthopedist diagnosed otherwise) and recently healed this month. So, after being able to run for the first time in half a year without pain, I SPRAIN MY ANKLE. THIS IS AWFUL!!!!!! (Mind you, running and boarding are two things that I NEED to do, with out, I am a cranky meanie head who hates the world.) So, I was going down hills on W. Main last night, rolling into bushes, dodging people on main..and you'd think I'd sprain it doing one of those things, nope. I simply bent down on the longboard and stood up then felt some horrible twist in my left ankle, and it was dunzo after that. So here I am, crippled, writing from my bed on this awesome Saturday about how life sucks when you can't move your appendages. It's alright though, I'm slowing my role, and I will be back in no time. Positive thinking is a must in these kinds of situations. (: smiles.


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