So I just moved into my house here at college and I am in love.  My room, though the smallest, is my favorite place to be.  I bought a dresser, desk, and a chair from a thrift store all for $70! Mind you, the desk was the cutest desk there and I thought it would be the most expensive because of its aesthetic appeal, but it was the cheapest! Would you look at that! I also put floral wall paper up on two walls and I'm currently waiting for an U.O. atlas tapestry! A bunch of awesome people live down the street and my house mates are the coolest girls I know. Last night Jweb and AJ came over and we had a mini jam sesh, and the other night I was teaching KennChen how to play piano. I feel like all these little gatherings are a good foreshadowing of what the year is to be like! I CANNOT WAIT! I shall post photos of my room/furniture and house soon...as I am documenting the whole living-in-a-house-at-college-senior-year-omg-this-is-going-to-be-the-illest-year-of-my-life thing.