On College Fashionista!

This is I.  My friend Marissa Willstein, a writer for College Fashionista, did this article on me at the end of August. I feel that I look mad cheese, but none the less, I hope you like it because Marissa is awesome.


Mandy Moore.
Hahaha, what a great song.

Logo Trends

Via DesignYouTrust.


Papers Screening

I really want to go to this, but unfortunately I have class from 5-8. LAME, RIGHT? ):

Staying Fresh

How awesome is this? You can see how long a perishable food would last for if you kept it in the pantry, refrigerator, or the freezer. Thank you, StillTasty!

Julian Roberts 'Subtraction Cutting' Method

Here I am working on a project for my Senior Collections class utilizing a Julian Roberts technique.  To create a garment two main methods are used: patterning and draping.  With patterning, you start designing the pieces you will sew together on paper, cut it out, place it on fabric, cut the fabric, then sew--essentially going from 2d to 3d.  Draping accomplishes the same end product, but instead of working with paper you work with muslin (a cheap fabric) and drape it over a dressform--going from 3d to 3d.  After you learn the basics of both methods, most designers usually combine the two or take more from the other depending on what the desired end design will look like.
Julian Roberts technique is neither of the two.  After sewing approximately 4 yards of fabric down each side, one traces a bodice front and back, connects the under arm holes, cuts the negative space (creating arm holes and neck hole) on one side of the fabric then continues cutting out shapes (hence "subtraction cutting" making the garment shorter and lighter) and sewing them together.  If the process isn't documented to the t, creating a pattern from it is possible, but would probably take you a couple of days or weeks.  The thing that I love most about this project is that you never know what you are going to get.  A close second is using simple math to sew circles into squares into triangles into lines and etc! I shall explain more at a later date and keep you updated on the process. Can I get an amen if I made sense to anyone? haha (:

Bershka Fall 2010

Jose Rivas

Reminds me of Francoise Nielly's work, though Rivas' color palette is a bit more muted.

Lindsey Wixson

By Olivier Zahm




Bleed in Style?

BLEED IN STYLE? No, you can't? With these fashionable cut-covers/bandaids designed by Cynthia Rowley you can turn that "No, I can't" into a "Yes, I can!" If sequins and bows aren't your thing maybe bacon is!

AskRefIM Gets Snooty

PET PEEVE: Why can't you just tell me to have a nice day, too? BAGEEZ.

CLARKS!!!! (:

"Clarks Originals Fringe Detail Flat Lace Up Boots"
DROOL. I just ordered these yesterday morning. I kind of splurged, but whatever...my 5 year old Doc Martens are falling apart and I needed some brown to COMBAT all the black in my garb.  Thank you ASOS (: 

    The Need for a Public Announcement

    HEY. I had hoped I wouldn't have to take it this far, but it seems like it is the appropriate time to make such an announcement: I HAVE NOT HAD SURGERY ON MY HEAD NOR DO I HAVE CANCER. My partially shaved head could be called, I suppose, a "fashion statement"/way of self expression?  But I really do genuinely appreciate the concern, if of course, your concern is genuine as well. Thanks (:
    PS. The following are examples of others with partially shaved heads...I am not alone, perhaps they feel the overwhelming need to tell everyone that they are not diseased, too.
    VIA becomegorgeous (Personally, I am not a fan of the website's name...become gorgeous? Really? No thanks, people already are. Thanks for the pictures, though).


    Good Old Fashioned Nightmare

    Matt and Kim.
    YES. Corbit theme song, for sure.


    Yes, home. And actually, I think this is quite well made! Hahahahahaha. I actually am missing Long Island at the moment...


    Being Awfully Dumb Take II

    Left ankle. Sorry if you hate feet as much as I do.
    Hm, Yes--BEING AWFULLY DUMB. TAKE TWO. (Click for Take One)Aka, I sprained my ankle, AGAIN. I don't know what to do with myself. I guess I just feel like an idiot. You know, a klutz, a loser, a dummie bear, Eugene from Hey! Arnold. I guess this is how Eugene feels. I'm just a clumsy human being, only there is no cool longboarding story about this dumb ankle. I was simply walking down the street. I'm a walking, talking, living, jynx. SHUCKS. ): I think someone is telling me I need to slow my role, and unlike Kid Cudi, I definitely should not say "fuck that."


    Is your heart falling out of its cavity due to cuteness!? Sammi Bateman, a senior Visual Communications major at the University of Delaware, has started her own business, Glitterhangover!  Utilizing cute ribbons, florals, and more, she creates party hats and pins for all kinds of occasions!  Her Etsy will be up and running pretty soon so I will keep you all posted (: Stay cute!


    They're great. They're fake. They're neato. They're awesome. They're anything you want them to be really. But I'm talking about the stories your unconscious tells you while you are...unconscious.  This was a great morning in the Corbit house...Becca and Karen came into my room (I can't really walk because I sprained my ankle again ...let us not talk about it).  We discussed our dreams from the previous night and recorded them on Garage Band. We're going to start a Dream project where we record our dreams when we remember our dreams. We shall record and then put onto a cd...I'm really excited about this...I think it will turn into something really neato.


    Cardboard Cameras

    These elaborate works definitely reminded me of my friend, Sarah Forst.  Last year she created this awesome gigantico cardboard polaroid camera. I miss her a lot, she's a pretty awesome lady! 



    The Creek!

    There is this park called White Clay Creek.  I'm absolutely in love with it. I once ran all 8 miles of it and have taken countless photos for photography class there.  Its jammed packed with nature. One of my favorite places inside of it is the "waterfall" part, but it isn't a waterfall at all.  Its this rock wall that slopes down in the creek and you can slide down (I wouldn't suggest going on your bare bottom, it hurts) and once you get to the bottom, you walk about 3 paces and can jump into approximately 4-5ft deep water! It is  so much fun! Last night my friends and I went and just sat on the wall, conversing, and sharing stories. I felt very at one. I felt so at one that I wrote a quick mini poem about it.  I have an obsession with rhyming because I'm really good at it, so with this one I tried to hold back and this is what I got (minor rhymage definitely occurs)

    Thousands of molecules squeezing through my fingers,
    Pointing at the beating river,
    In the night, under the stars,
    Listening to nature.
    Soaking in life from the creek.
    Tadpoles, the fishes, the sleeping birds,
    The birds that are awake.

    Pointed rocks, newer rocks,
    Older rocks, sanded rocks.
    Cut up, graced around.
    My hand to the pulsating ground.

    Calm voices, cushion my thoughts.
    At ease, At peace.
    Tranquil, feel free, be free.
    Do not fear repetition,
    Do not fear confrontation,
    To look life in the face.
    Find yourself where you are at every place,
    You go.

    Feel connected.
    Feel joined.
    Feel yourself.
    Free your mind.


    WHAT? WHAT AMAZON?! For real? I need these books, ASAP. UGH.