The Creek!

There is this park called White Clay Creek.  I'm absolutely in love with it. I once ran all 8 miles of it and have taken countless photos for photography class there.  Its jammed packed with nature. One of my favorite places inside of it is the "waterfall" part, but it isn't a waterfall at all.  Its this rock wall that slopes down in the creek and you can slide down (I wouldn't suggest going on your bare bottom, it hurts) and once you get to the bottom, you walk about 3 paces and can jump into approximately 4-5ft deep water! It is  so much fun! Last night my friends and I went and just sat on the wall, conversing, and sharing stories. I felt very at one. I felt so at one that I wrote a quick mini poem about it.  I have an obsession with rhyming because I'm really good at it, so with this one I tried to hold back and this is what I got (minor rhymage definitely occurs)

Thousands of molecules squeezing through my fingers,
Pointing at the beating river,
In the night, under the stars,
Listening to nature.
Soaking in life from the creek.
Tadpoles, the fishes, the sleeping birds,
The birds that are awake.

Pointed rocks, newer rocks,
Older rocks, sanded rocks.
Cut up, graced around.
My hand to the pulsating ground.

Calm voices, cushion my thoughts.
At ease, At peace.
Tranquil, feel free, be free.
Do not fear repetition,
Do not fear confrontation,
To look life in the face.
Find yourself where you are at every place,
You go.

Feel connected.
Feel joined.
Feel yourself.
Free your mind.


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