Feeling a bit qualmy about my outfit today...

I'm a little bit in doubt about my outfit.  I hate this uneasy feeling of being uncomfortable in my own threads.  You'll be glad to know that my mottled mind is at ease as I have found this trend report via WHOWHATWEAR--for I am wearing creme colored lace tights with a burnt sun dried rust orange/brown and black buffalo checkered button down, a worn forest green blazer, a black waist skirt, a dark forest green waist belt with a gold buckle, a creme sequined bow, and my brown clark booties.  I thought I looked just swell when I looked in the mirror, but then I walked out the door and the sun hit my outfit in a way that made me want to toss my cookies.  Then I booked it to class so quickly that I'm sure those who saw me probably thought I was about to pee my pants (yes I was that frantic).  I must say I don't care that I was booking it and looked like I needed to use the bathroom--Girl gotta get to class. Anyway, the point of this was...to communicate the fact that I feel alright about my clothing choice today because of this trend report...my neutral melting pot puke of an outfit today may not be so bad after all.


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