Self-Induced Facebook Withdrawal Documentary

I am giving up Facebook for 2 months.  So, it has been thought of by many and verbalized to me, from the many, that I am absurd--and I can't agree more. I haven't met a single soul that believes that I can commit such an outlandish act.  It has been attempted by some, executed by barely any, and thought of by probably thousands.  Due to the blasphemy that I am committing it has occurred to me that this is not to be taken lightly.  This is epic and is considered, by some, social suicide.  So, in my quest to socially kill myself,  I have taken it upon myself to create a self-documentary of this self induced journey of social exilement.
Because this is the most important year of my academic life.  For my Fashion Design major FASH467 aka Senior Collections is the one class all Design majors work their whole 3 years to get to.  It hasn't been an easy journey to get here. Much sleep, brain cells, blood (we work with needles), and sanity has been lost.  I notice I spend AT LEAST 1.5 hours of Facebook a day...sometimes 3 (embarrassment all over).  I CANNOT AFFORD to devote that much time to something that barely benefits me.  Senior Collections, volunteering, learning how to cook, Space Cadet Sadie, enjoying senior year, and applying for an FSF scholarship are my top priorities.  And at the moment my priorities seem to be askew. This is why I do the things I do.
Without direction we are all doomed.  Things grow faulty without any structure.  Like the skeletal system to the body I must, and I mean I must, create an outline to the chaos of this chaotic act in order to efficiently document it.  Therefore, here are a couple of objectives/things to learn from this 2 month separation from the biggest social network of our time.
  • Is being socially disconnected via facebook actually detrimental to my social life?
  • Will people stop talking to me?
  • Will the number of invites to all the latest parties and events happening on and off campus decline?
  • Will the number of photos/videos I am tagged in decline, increase, or remain the same?
  • Will I have more time to focus on my studies and other things I want to pursue in life?
  • Will my grades improve if said time is allotted to study time?
  • Will I substitute other networking sites (twitter, myspace, blogger, tumblr, etc) in place of Facebook therefore defeating the purpose of socially exiling myself
  • Along with all of these questions, interviews with my peers will take place to provide feedback from the general college population.
I am fully aware of the act I am about to commit and of the social restraint I am putting on myself. Therefore, I hope I still have as many friends going into this as I do coming out.
This is not to be taken too seriously. I do not put that much of an emphasis by defining my social life through Facebook. I thought it'd be a nice laugh. Sorry if you thought otherwise!!!