The Positives: Knitting

I love the thought of being viciously destructive when I get angry just as much as the next person. Like taking a bat to a TV or throwing things off a 12 story building (none of which I have come close to attempting--just stating the cliche destructive acts one tends to think of when pissed off) while listening to Limp Bizkit's "Its Just One of those Days". My day was spiraling out of control. The movie I wanted to watch got checked out, the gym was packed up the wazoo, b_tches be starin' at mah bald spot like I'm craycray, I almost died walking on ice a billion times, BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH. Then I realized...so many lovely things happened today. Bleeker street had my favorite cookie they carry in stock (peanut butter/chocolate chip), and at the end of my Art History class my friend Rina lent me a pair of needles and yarn and taught me how to knit. She knew that I wanted to learn (as I would obsessively speak of knitting every-single-day) and she brought these things for me! I was SO excited and SO grateful!! There truly are amazing people in this world and you just have to notice them. I can't explain how happy that made me. I love when people do really sweet, heart-felt things--it makes me not question the kindness of the manKIND.


BLAAAAH. Down with winter session!  I NEED THESE A's!!!!!!


Jeannie Phan

IN LOVE with her work. If you do anything of substance with your life today, you will check out more of her pieces. FOR REAL.


I Love Bandaids!

I have a weird obsession with cool bandaids. When I went to get my blood taken, the nurse gave me this far out Crayola crayon bandaid! I hate needles (besides sewing needles) and I get really anxious around them--so this made me really happy ^___^



My Manifesto (more or less)

       As the 2nd half of senior year is slowly breaking onto the horizon many of our [seniors] minds are asking the same question: What the hell am I going to do with my life? Yes, we all know it is a ridiculous question as we all know that who you are and what you do after college doesn't have to define who you are/who you will be for the rest of your life.  But, it is the reality that being in a rigid school system for 15+ years is coming to an end. Change is a difficult, but beautiful thing. There are so many options for us to choose, but which will be the best? I have been thinking about these unanswerable questions for months and I feel that I know which path I would like to choose.  In Fashion there are many options...contrary to what many people feel is a dead end career, the fashion industry holds a multitude of opportunities in different varieties. The 3 most thought of jobs in Fashion are being a designer, stylist, or buyer. In all honesty...I don't want to do any of those at the moment. I do not look down upon or glorify any..they just are not the path I want to choose. I love helping people.  This has ALWAYS been a passion of mine and even when I questioned myself for switching from nursing major to  fashion major, or being a fashion major, I have never questioned my love for helping others.  My love for art and fashion will come and go, but I've always felt I've had this attraction to others that I know will never subside in me.
      I am going to the Philippines/Asia for 2 months after graduation. My main goal was to learn more about my culture.  Growing up as an Asian American, I did not learn my own language and don't know much about the Philippines at all. This is embarrassing for me, but I have always wanted to change that. My parents grew up in the poor outskirts of Manila and I have been so fortunate to be in the United States, to be going to college, and to have the lifestyle I had growing up.  I have always been grateful for the things that I have and have always wanted to go back and help my family and other Filipinos. But now I feel that I have the education and the ability to actually give back.
     At first, learning about my culture was my only priority going to the Philippines, but now I realize that this trip is going to mean so much more to me.  I want to volunteer at orphanages, teach english, and mostly, hopefully teach children and whoever else art. I want to encourage underprivileged youth that they are NOT stuck where they are, that they have the power and control to get where they want to be.  I want to provide those who have lost hope with a vision of a more positive, happy future.  I want to be there for those who want change and be able to help them achieve their goals.  Through art I want to show children a different perspective of life, show them there are ways to express yourself, show them they have the talent and individuality to be creative, to create something, that they are important people and have a place in this world like each and every one of us do.  In all honesty, I love fashion, I love clothes, I love art, but to me (I don't judge others who do not feel the same way) I CANNOT see myself being happy without spreading my knowledge to those less fortunate than me.
    I am a goal setter. If you know me, you probably know I have a list of things to do before I die and that when I really, truly want something..I do whatever it takes to get it. Out of all my 50+ goals, I have only one that I NEED to accomplish and that is starting a Fashion school for underprivileged youth in the Philippines.  This will happen. I know it.


I Love Lucy

One of my favorite scenes...EVER.

2 "New" Videos

2 "new" videos that I made over winter break! They're kinda lame ><


Some photos I took grabbing a late dinner with my parents in Chitown..


Yang Yongliang

How BADASS is this installation?
More from Yang Yongliang.

Renee Nault

Oliver Rath

Amato Haute Couture

Shepard Fairey Interview

I'd totally be watching this right now if I weren't in a quite study area. I know many have mixed views on Shepard Fairey and I honestly don't have any as I don't know too much about him. I'm really into street art and I should probably be much more acquainted with it. Maybe even best friends with it.

Alex Castro

Via UFunk.

Droga Magazine Cover




Maximo Riera

Octopus chair. OH MY GOD. I WANT THIS SO BAD.

Keira Knightley

By Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia January 2011

Michael Aaron Williams

Polaroid IPhone!...decal

If I had an Iphone, I would love this.

Make it Better.

In love with thisss.


Missoni's Spring 2011 video campaign.
The plethora of hues is indicative of the hip hoppin 1980s. As much as vibrant colors were a big fad, so were outlandish patterns that clashed in a sea of intensity and vibrant personalities. Here, Juergen Teller juxtaposes a variety of age range calling to question the target market of Missoni. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a bad thing especially considering the message it portrays: No matter how young or old you may be, colors and patterns are for everyone!

Hiroshi Tanabe


I Love You and Buddha Too

By Mason Jennings.
Obsessed with this song right now. OBSESSED. I love it.


Okay, so here's the dealio. This is a big deal. Not many people may know this about me, but I was once a tomboy.  See exhibit A to the right.
Yes, awful. Being the loyal New Yorker I am, I am all things NY. More specifically my teams are the Knicks, the Yankees, the Jets, and the Islanders. So, it should come as no surprise that I am pretty excited about next Sunday. In saying this, I have entered a sweepstake to win playoff tickets for next sunday's game. It'd be kind of sweet if I won. 

Should I?? Ehhh..

Mehh, I don't know. I think I should use that money on my Senior Collections. Yea. That's what I'll do.