2 "New" Videos

2 "new" videos that I made over winter break! They're kinda lame ><


  1. Dear Grace,
    I watched both these videos start to finish
    and through out the whole thing i had a huge smile on my face. The hoilday viedo warmed my heart. Looks like you are doing just fine, though i wish you weren't so i could see you more! haha. Tucker is great. Five Stars. I really adore you. thanks for the smile!

  2. aww, Victoria! you don't know how for serious you just made my day! that was so sweet of you and YOU just made me smile for like 5 minutes! i'm graduating this year so i'm sure i'll be home A LOTTTT more and i'll need to find a job and all that kind of stuff. haha i'm glad you like Tucker..he's a great person. i know i'll be seeing a lot more real soon <3

  3. yay!
    I'm glad you filmed Shane (:

  4. i know right!!!! and thats my favorite song that he wrote/the only one i know that he has written haha..its so good! we should really have a jam session one day! it has been so long! those were fun!