The Positives: Knitting

I love the thought of being viciously destructive when I get angry just as much as the next person. Like taking a bat to a TV or throwing things off a 12 story building (none of which I have come close to attempting--just stating the cliche destructive acts one tends to think of when pissed off) while listening to Limp Bizkit's "Its Just One of those Days". My day was spiraling out of control. The movie I wanted to watch got checked out, the gym was packed up the wazoo, b_tches be starin' at mah bald spot like I'm craycray, I almost died walking on ice a billion times, BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH. Then I realized...so many lovely things happened today. Bleeker street had my favorite cookie they carry in stock (peanut butter/chocolate chip), and at the end of my Art History class my friend Rina lent me a pair of needles and yarn and taught me how to knit. She knew that I wanted to learn (as I would obsessively speak of knitting every-single-day) and she brought these things for me! I was SO excited and SO grateful!! There truly are amazing people in this world and you just have to notice them. I can't explain how happy that made me. I love when people do really sweet, heart-felt things--it makes me not question the kindness of the manKIND.


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