Winter Session

Let me tell you something about Winter Session...I HATE IT. I never liked it. Ever.  Because of my double major, I've had to take 3 Winter Sessions and two classes each session and that, that equals HELL. Winter session is lonely, cold, bitter, frigid, anti-social, and....boring.  I plan to hopefully change all this my 3rd and last time around.

So, I'm taking a business management class and a Greek and Roman art history course. This shall be interesting. Both seem like they require a lot of work and on top of having to get As in both classes, I need to completely finish 3 looks for my Senior Collection.  I don't know where I'll find the time to accomplish these 3 main things especially when I have other goals that I'd like to attain...which are:

1) Applying for jobs and/or internships
2) Planning my 2 month trip to the Philippines
3) 6 pack abs aka going to the gym and burning more calories than I consume.
4) Getting good at piano again.
5) Blogging more and making it look way better than it does right now.
6) CREATING more.
7) Writing in my journal on a regular basis
8) Working real hard on all my personal New Years resolutions (none of which shall be shared via my blog) I will say two:
    -Trying to find the middle ground between two extremes

So here I am, it is day two of winter session. Here is my mind, for the most part. It's weird, sorry. I'm not as miserable as I thought I'd be. I'm still up to my head in work. That part sucks. It's all good though.


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