First Linoleum Block!

In my Art243 (Intro to Printmaking) class we're starting with linoleum blocks. We were put in groups of 4, showed one another our drawings, and created a central theme.  Then, we were to take this theme and each create a linoleum block of whatever it is we felt best reflected it.  I chose to utilize Native American ideals of being one with nature to portray my group's theme--"Organic".  I'm aware that a lot of the shapes are geometric--I didn't realize how hard it was to carve rounded edges in linoleum (this took me about 10hours in total!!!).  I'm hoping my professor will see that the organic theme lies more within the message of this piece.  Below the dream catcher I carved "Mitakuye Oyasin" which means "All are related" in Lakota. In summary, Native Americans= everything is in a relationship with everything= nature= organic. Hmph, makes sense to me. Now all I have to do is print! I'm hoping it will turn out alright...


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