Matt and Kim Concert!!

 MATT AND KIM (one of my favorite bands)!!! How could I say no?!?! We ended up front row!!!! ASKDJFHKJDHFJHJDHF
"Good for Great"


"No Other"

By Super Junior
Well, on the subject of k-pop...here's another one of my favs!! hahahah >< I mean, yea, sure, Super Junior's dance moves may be almost mediocre, some are too pretty for their own good, and exactly how many are there? 20? But, whatever, this stuff is like super crack--it makes me go super happy!!

"I Am The Best"

By 2NE1
Um. I love how one of them is sporting the Misfits skull..hilarious. I love 2NE1!! I want to be the 5th member hahaha...Definitely my favorite k-pop group next to Super Junior^___^


LONG overdue Senior Collection Post

^My Senior Collections book.
Click "Click for More" (or that link haha) for the APD2011 (Apparel Design) Senior Video and an *EXCLUSIVE* 3 part movie of the show directed by my very own Father (: !!! Its adorable, you'll regret it if you don't watch it! PLUS you can see me acting a little CATTY/antsy before the show started and if you hate me or ever hated me....you get to see my CRY towards the end!! Yay! We all win!
PS. Please don't hold my emotions against me.  This was the most important night of my ENTIRE college career. And like all the other APD girls, I worked four years for these couple of hours. YES I will be anxious before the show. YES I will have a panic attack if a crotch zipper breaks. YES everything has to be perfect. and YES I will cry when it is over because my life has consisted of all nighters, NO sleep, NO social life, and a crappy diet for the passed 4 years that has probably taken approx. 18 years off my life and it is FINALLY OVER.

This makes me want to toss my cookies.


Thomas "Thom Thom" Louis Jacques Schmitt

Thom Thom, a parisian street artist takes his blade and carves shapes into billboard ads revealing passed ads!  Such a simple idea, but who would have thunk it and who would have executed like this?! AMAZING.


Gonzaga Manso

DIY Feather Boutonnieres


Andrew Salgado


Shakuhachi Cruise 2012

Natalia Vodianova

Free People 6/11

Daniel Kornrumpfs

Believe it or not, this is embroidered! Uhmazing!

Johanna Pihl

I am INFATUATED and completely awestruck by this jacket. I love how she shows a part of her pattern just to show how much work and mathematics goes into creating this piece of art.  If you had no respect for what it takes to fabricated something like this, I hope this shows how intricate something that looks so "simple" actually is. IN LOVE!!!! AKJHDKJFHKSJDF

Angela Brandys

It is that time of summer again...

Thoughts on Balls

Unfortunately, I will not be expressing my stand on the male genitalia often associated with the word "balls," but rather the word "courage" often associated with the phrase "having balls".  To me, meeting a person who "has balls" is very rare thing to come across.  As I grow older and the years roll on, I begin to see how unhappy people are.  I've also noticed that most of their unhappiness comes from occupational decisions they have made.  Often, I feel that people choose occupations that will guarantee them a stable income in the future.  They do not realize that though these jobs offer a secure financial life, most of the time they are not self rewarding and I've heard time and time again that these people wish they chosen to do something that actually made them happy.  This is where "balls" come in.  I think it takes a lot of "balls" to do something you genuinely love despite society's overwhelming message of "make money, money, make money, money, money!!" In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that if you do what you love--the money will follow.  So have balls, and be happy.

On the "ball" subject...we should get used to calling them ovaries too.  Ovaries are also spherical and with out ovaries, there would be no balls.

On the "people who take the path of high earning jobs have no balls" subject..that's NOT my message.  I believe there are many people actually love going after jobs like that--my Mom, who is a nurse, for example.  I was just saying there are a lot of people who go for those jobs that ONLY do it for the money and have their passions elsewhere.


Thoughts on Insecurities...

Starting to feel insecure about your body?  Well, don't.  Everyone has one.  But physicalities aren't the most beautiful things about a human, or any living thing for that matter.  It is the spirit, the mind that holds all the stability, the love, the beauty, the light, the story.  The mind doesn't manifest itself in one's body, but in one's actions.  So the next time you ask yourself, "Do I look good today?" look to analyze your actions instead of your body for the answer.

Vegas wore me out?




So, I'm going to Las Vegas tomorrow with a couple of APD ladies for about a week.  I went last summer with my family (all of whom were at least 21 EXCEPT ME).  So tomorrow I get to do Vegas right, and not get denied at all the clubs hahaha.  So why am I not excited for this week long of maxn relaxn by poolsides, evening out my runner's tan, clubbing, partying 24/7? I HAVE NO IDEA. Its bothering me A LOT. Not even "Like a G6" is working. This is a problem. Though the following short tidbit of conversation with my friend Jenna seems to be sort of working...

Me: Jenna, I'm not really excited for Vegas tomorrow, idk what's wrong with me ):
Jenna: Well, think about it as the spring break you never had because you were too busy working on senior collections.

AND THAT IS WHEN I GOT MY FIRST SPARK OF EXCITEMENT. This is the truth. While more than half of my friends were partying it up in Florida for SB, all I did was work min of 15 hours a day on my senior collections.  It sucked that my last spring break of college I spent it in my make shift sewing lab in my living room at home.  Welp, I guess I gotta make the next week count (; I'm sure it'll all hit me when we flyin fly like a G6 in the plane!!!

"Top Of The World"

By The Cataracs ft. Dev
I am obsessed with this song. Its possibly up there with my personal fav "Like a G6," but probably not. Haha, nothing can possibly ever compare, but this comes close! I swear if this plays at the clubs in Vegas...Imma get a little bit cray.


Good Life ^___^

So life has been so crazy the passed month.  I had my senior fashion show, won first place, got all As and Bs in my classes, and graduated with over a 3.0, and two majors. Along with a lot of celebrating came a lot of good byes, but I like to call them see you laturz. I've only been home for a couple of days and my, how different everything all seems to me now.  A lot of my friends see moving back home after college as a depressing part of life, but I'm starting to be more positive and happy about it.  I don't plan on being here for too long...who knows what will happen.  All I really know for sure in this time of uncertainty is that I'm one lucky human being to have had an opportunity to go to college, graduate, and to have a great future ahead of me.  Cheers ^_____^!