Good Life ^___^

So life has been so crazy the passed month.  I had my senior fashion show, won first place, got all As and Bs in my classes, and graduated with over a 3.0, and two majors. Along with a lot of celebrating came a lot of good byes, but I like to call them see you laturz. I've only been home for a couple of days and my, how different everything all seems to me now.  A lot of my friends see moving back home after college as a depressing part of life, but I'm starting to be more positive and happy about it.  I don't plan on being here for too long...who knows what will happen.  All I really know for sure in this time of uncertainty is that I'm one lucky human being to have had an opportunity to go to college, graduate, and to have a great future ahead of me.  Cheers ^_____^!


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