Thoughts on Balls

Unfortunately, I will not be expressing my stand on the male genitalia often associated with the word "balls," but rather the word "courage" often associated with the phrase "having balls".  To me, meeting a person who "has balls" is very rare thing to come across.  As I grow older and the years roll on, I begin to see how unhappy people are.  I've also noticed that most of their unhappiness comes from occupational decisions they have made.  Often, I feel that people choose occupations that will guarantee them a stable income in the future.  They do not realize that though these jobs offer a secure financial life, most of the time they are not self rewarding and I've heard time and time again that these people wish they chosen to do something that actually made them happy.  This is where "balls" come in.  I think it takes a lot of "balls" to do something you genuinely love despite society's overwhelming message of "make money, money, make money, money, money!!" In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that if you do what you love--the money will follow.  So have balls, and be happy.

On the "ball" subject...we should get used to calling them ovaries too.  Ovaries are also spherical and with out ovaries, there would be no balls.

On the "people who take the path of high earning jobs have no balls" subject..that's NOT my message.  I believe there are many people actually love going after jobs like that--my Mom, who is a nurse, for example.  I was just saying there are a lot of people who go for those jobs that ONLY do it for the money and have their passions elsewhere.


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