So, I'm going to Las Vegas tomorrow with a couple of APD ladies for about a week.  I went last summer with my family (all of whom were at least 21 EXCEPT ME).  So tomorrow I get to do Vegas right, and not get denied at all the clubs hahaha.  So why am I not excited for this week long of maxn relaxn by poolsides, evening out my runner's tan, clubbing, partying 24/7? I HAVE NO IDEA. Its bothering me A LOT. Not even "Like a G6" is working. This is a problem. Though the following short tidbit of conversation with my friend Jenna seems to be sort of working...

Me: Jenna, I'm not really excited for Vegas tomorrow, idk what's wrong with me ):
Jenna: Well, think about it as the spring break you never had because you were too busy working on senior collections.

AND THAT IS WHEN I GOT MY FIRST SPARK OF EXCITEMENT. This is the truth. While more than half of my friends were partying it up in Florida for SB, all I did was work min of 15 hours a day on my senior collections.  It sucked that my last spring break of college I spent it in my make shift sewing lab in my living room at home.  Welp, I guess I gotta make the next week count (; I'm sure it'll all hit me when we flyin fly like a G6 in the plane!!!


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