This is goodbye?

It has been over 2 years since I've made you aware of my love for anatomy with my first post ever.  After these 2 years of crappy templates, I have become aesthetically sick of this blog.  I truly wish blogger would up its game and come correct when it comes to better layouts.  Unfortunately, my html skills are way subpar and I cannot rely on myself to make a good layout.  With that being said, I'm going to try and make my tumblr my primary blog. Perhaps I'll be back, the world may never know.


My Alma Matter

Via GQ.
So NOT proud of this, but I find it halaaarious and unsurprisingly true. EXAMPLE:
Fact or fiction? Grace literally got picked up mid robotic dance move and carried across the bar by one of these douchebags? FACT.


how to make an animated gif
He's such a little angel!! And to think he still has 5 more months of growing! He's just a baby!!!! ^_________^  TOO cute, oh. my. GOODNESS!
...so tell me how awkward this .gif is? ahahaha.


Current Thoughts

Hmm, I haven't done one of these in a while!
-Nomnom sushi and mangos.
-Kelly Cutrone is BA.
-I'm tired of reading war books
-I love reading.
-Why am I doing this after a 14 hour work day?
-...when I need to wake up a 630 to do it over again?hahaha
-I highly dislike Canal St.
-NEVER underestimate the power of self reflection.
-...with that being said, NEVER underestimate the importance of balance.
-...therefore that means, think a lot, but don't over do it. bhaha
-Heard "Like a G6" today and it still makes me go cray.
-K-pop is better than you think.
-I wish I had more time to run.
-I wish I could do the NYC marathon this year.
-Seeing everyday as an adventure makes it approx. 203,948 times better!
-I love when strangers smile.
-Positivity makes the world go round.
-I made my thoughts about Negativity prominent in 2009.
-SO excited for Mean Lady in BK this weekend ^___^
-Post college grad life is a lot different than I anticipated.
-I love my units.
-If all else fails, I'm taking rapping to the next level. Not a joke.
-Doing all the small things eventually means: doing big thaaangs
-Speaking of, I love no-line notebooks of various sizes.
-"Don't let yourself get in the way of yourself." is probably the most wisest thing I've said in my entire life.
-...that was an epic statement. ahaha
-Mr.Bunny is the kewtest(:
-I'm a huslta.....homie.


Cheeseburgers! JUST KIDDING!

I'm dying. Kind reminds of me of when I ate a pb&j and looked at a .gif of a cheese burger hahaha.

My kids are in an American Apparel ad campaign?!

Geez American Apparel, you sure know how to capture America's heart:
1) way-too-cute-for-humanity, break dancing, asian kids
2) submissively posing, hot, young women.

My kids are in an American Apparel ad campaign?!

Geez American Apparel, you sure know how to capture America's heart: cute little break dancing asian kids, and hot young women 

I love you, RHCP.

"The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"
Being that RHCP is one of my favorite bands on the face of this planet you can say that I'm pretty giddy right now. It's not my favorite, but I still like it. SO happeeee (:

"Body Language"

By Jesse McCartney, T-Pain
...don't ask. hahaha

Knitted Bicycle Take II

I love these knitted bicycles done by Olek.  Me and a couple of friends stumbled upon this on our way to 4 knots in South Street this passed weekend.  A little over a year ago I saw my first one in LES.


You will be missed awesome fair trade wallet handmade in Bangladesh!

"Don't let yourself get in the way of yourself."

-Me (:

"I Don't Care"

By 2NE1


"If you got real hair, real finga nailz...

If you got a job, you going to school
And y'all need nobody to help you handle your business
Make some noiseeeeee!" -DJ Kool "Let Me Clear My Throat"
SO tired of people thinkin I be puttin fake nailz over my real nailz, really? NAWH.

Successful Library Run!....

Minus having to pay $9 for overdue fines from 2006. WHAT?
Super excited about all of these! I love summer--I can totally dork out ^___^


Favorite "After Dark" by Murakami Quotes

"She breaks off her reading and looks outside. From this second-story window she can look down on the busy street.  Even at a time like this, the street is bright enough and filled with people coming and going--people with places to go and people with no places to go; people with a purpose and people with no purpose; people trying to hold time back and people trying to urge it forward." pg. 7

Hi! If you like to read you MUST make an account and add me on Goodreads to read my reviews on books I have read and see what I'm currently reading! and of course, vice versa! ^___^



I really think this should say, "Please don't let what was get in the way of what IS"
I think the times people struggle most are when they think of the past or the future and don't focus on what is going on right this very moment. 

Latest Purchase

In a few months, I'll be a new man. raaawr.


Last Friday Night?

Haha, Katy Perry--you stole the words right out of my mouth.
The beginnings of last friday night?



The diameters of molecules
Wildly expanding
Creeks rivers oceans
Roads buildings
Clouds emptiness
All stretching

Absent we become
To one another
Somehow this
Colorless place
Is growing familiar

Your headlights
Glittered speckles through the field
Into shadows we walked
That light purple swelled in my heart
As I led you by hand
Because I had walked
There before
You were new

Those mornings
When we woke
The diluted color
Of the rising sun
Soaked through
Those folded plastic blinds

My roof at autumn dusk
Gray like elephant skin
And your clothes blended in
But I noticed more than
Just what I saw

Those afternoons
We laid tangled on
A crochet blanket
Grass poked between the negative
Spaces created many
Vibrant strands of multi-hued
Woolen yarn

Now in my helpless
pale surroundings
I drop my eyelids
Praying to God
Trying to see

In the shadows of
My closed eyes I fear
It all fading away
Every single one
Of those colors
That I once saw.

"Thrown Right At Me" --The Tallest Man on Earth

Jump 'long the creekside
The rock's crooked line
Fun curls your hair and
The days open wide

And horses trot faster 'til sparrows fall down
But you just fall, laughin', to the snow on the ground
You grew up by playin' the valley so wild
And that's why
You're so beautiful now

And, dancin' your bike to the lonesome, young mare
You call up her owner; say your heart will be there
You'll build a collection of scars on your knees
To learn how to count the impossible trees
You grew up by climbin' the birches so high
And that's why
You're so beautiful now

And we live so close that we probably seen
The same bird, the same time
They solumnly scream
One day, I'll find just that friend who can see
All this weird beauty
Thrown right at me

Growin' by playin' the valley so wild
And that's why
You're so beautiful now 

Thoughts on GTs...

GTs=Good Times as my friend Keith would call them.  And my thought is, if you want to remember them forever, you better write them down.  It is really easy for humans to forget things with this ever changing quick pace world we live in..ya know? Plus, I don't think people write enough these days anyway. They're too busy putting up stati on facebook, tweeting on twitter, or blogging (haha).  Don't underestimate the power of writing.


"Sleazy" Remix!!

By Ke$ha ft. Andre 3000
Though this is embarrassing to admit, I confess my love for this ONE Ke$ha song. I also love Andre, so uh...when I heard this remix I was all like "yo! the beat's so fast gonna make me come!!" ahahahahahaha.