The diameters of molecules
Wildly expanding
Creeks rivers oceans
Roads buildings
Clouds emptiness
All stretching

Absent we become
To one another
Somehow this
Colorless place
Is growing familiar

Your headlights
Glittered speckles through the field
Into shadows we walked
That light purple swelled in my heart
As I led you by hand
Because I had walked
There before
You were new

Those mornings
When we woke
The diluted color
Of the rising sun
Soaked through
Those folded plastic blinds

My roof at autumn dusk
Gray like elephant skin
And your clothes blended in
But I noticed more than
Just what I saw

Those afternoons
We laid tangled on
A crochet blanket
Grass poked between the negative
Spaces created many
Vibrant strands of multi-hued
Woolen yarn

Now in my helpless
pale surroundings
I drop my eyelids
Praying to God
Trying to see

In the shadows of
My closed eyes I fear
It all fading away
Every single one
Of those colors
That I once saw.


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