Current Thoughts

Hmm, I haven't done one of these in a while!
-Nomnom sushi and mangos.
-Kelly Cutrone is BA.
-I'm tired of reading war books
-I love reading.
-Why am I doing this after a 14 hour work day?
-...when I need to wake up a 630 to do it over again?hahaha
-I highly dislike Canal St.
-NEVER underestimate the power of self reflection.
-...with that being said, NEVER underestimate the importance of balance.
-...therefore that means, think a lot, but don't over do it. bhaha
-Heard "Like a G6" today and it still makes me go cray.
-K-pop is better than you think.
-I wish I had more time to run.
-I wish I could do the NYC marathon this year.
-Seeing everyday as an adventure makes it approx. 203,948 times better!
-I love when strangers smile.
-Positivity makes the world go round.
-I made my thoughts about Negativity prominent in 2009.
-SO excited for Mean Lady in BK this weekend ^___^
-Post college grad life is a lot different than I anticipated.
-I love my units.
-If all else fails, I'm taking rapping to the next level. Not a joke.
-Doing all the small things eventually means: doing big thaaangs
-Speaking of, I love no-line notebooks of various sizes.
-"Don't let yourself get in the way of yourself." is probably the most wisest thing I've said in my entire life.
-...that was an epic statement. ahaha
-Mr.Bunny is the kewtest(:
-I'm a huslta.....homie.


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